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Wow it's been almost a month since I last did my hair but it feels nice. Here's the regime for this week:

Overnight Prepoo: Negesbanda Green Tea Rinse + The Mane Choice Proceed with Caution Pre or Post Poo Mask
Shampoo: Melanin Haircare Black Soap Shampoo + Adwoa Beauty Baomint Moisturizing Shampoo
DC: Miche INDULGE Deep Conditioner
Leave-In: Adwoa Beauty Baomint Leave-In Conditioning Styler

Gonna be blowdrying and flat ironing my hair tomorrow and keeping that for another 3-4 weeks.
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Okay ladies, I'm back. I did not even know my membership had expired, I had been away for so long. I just renewed for 2 years and will try to post a little more often. I won't as much as I used to but will try to a little more than the last year or so.

I am currently 20 weeks post my last demi-permanent color and it looks like I probably won't color until just before Easter. However, I did moisturize my hair with Softsheen CFCG Instant Activator and Biolage Hydra Source Daily Leave-in Tonic today. I braid my hair up in 3 big plaits and that's me for at least another 2 - 3 weeks. I will moisturize again if needed before then and I might even co-wash. Will update if I do.


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Hello love. How are you doing? Girrrl I didn't even know my membership had expired. I came in to see what was going on in the chats and realized I couldn't post anything so I had to renew my account. I still love it here at LHCF plus the membership is affordable.

Anyhoo, this morning when I got up, I decided last minute to cowash my hair with some leftover Biolage Strengthening Conditioner I still had in my shower caddy followed by Biolage Hydrating Detangling Solution and my hair felt wonderful. I am still too lazy to do the works and will most likely do something about that at the end of the month or just before Easter.

I finished up with CFCG and Biolage Leave-in and sealed with some diy whipped shea butter.