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March 2022 What Did You Buy This Week? (Hair Care Edition)


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Spring Has Sprung! (Well not quite yet) but.....it is March Coming in like a Lion going out like a Lamb and all that "Good Stuff":sunshine:

But we wanna know.....WHAT DID YOU BUY THIS WEEK?:shopping:


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I recently purchased a gorgeous set of plant-plastic/ plant-based biodegradable combs from Coco’pie Curls on Etsy. These combs are fantastic! They are seamless and therefore won’t snag or rip your hair, and they are anti-static and overall healthier to use! 10/10 recommend. I also bought a set of natural ox horn combs for the same reasons above, and am still waiting for them to arrive.


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Target & Amazon has amazing prices.

Target ($10.23) Original Retail $17.99
Alikay Naturals - Creme Brûlée (x3)

Kinky Curly - Knot Today (20% off)

Pattern Beauty - Hair Pick (excluded)

Amazon ($9.99) Original Retail $16.00
Camille Rose - Coconut Water Curl Setter (x2)
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