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May 2012..What Did YOU Buy This Week? (Hair Care Edition)


Embracing the Light
Bought 4 bottles of Renpure condish...now that's some good slip right there! :lick:

Need to pick up 2 bottles of HQS Co-Cleanser....NEED it!! And another 2 bottles of Ren... This conditioner addiction is madness :nono:


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faithVA said:
Have you tried the Heaven in Hair yet? How do you like it?

I tried it and I love it! Its so thick and I use it after my henna. The only negative is its so expensive and the container is small :sad:


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I like it because it makes my hair really soft but I have to have more moisture behind it. I'm not too fond of the smell. It's too perfumed for me. I actually have some extras that I'm going to put in the exchange along with chi keratin mist and samples of original moxie.
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