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May 2013...What Did YOU Buy this Week??? (Hair Care Edition)


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Got some staples, scurl, African royale leave in, Eco styler (olive oil), as I am double butter cream.

Also trying new product as I am twist defining cream.


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I'm here :lol:. I see the sales and I'm laying low. These vendors tryin' to sat me up for the po' house. I ain't fallin' for it :lachen:. No, but seriously I'm laying low on the products. I had to buy another plastic drawer a couple weeks ago(This is number Number 6) and My SO told me my stash looked like a house from Hoarders and it put some thangs in perspective :lachen::lachen::lachen:.

I did pick up the Moku Braid and Loc Spray from Komazacare though. I had some points stacked up and with the discount I only ended up paying 1.75 for it *WIN!:lol:


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well I was looking for one thing.....

buying another Shea Moisture Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser. But because I just had a bout of flakes (uggghh so embarrassing).

I decided to buy Shea Moisture African Black Soap balancing conditioner for that reason. :brainfog:


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Black Hairspray

Model Model Synthetic Fullcap Band - Carmen Color 1B

Vanessa Synthetic Hair Wig - Miko Color SP1B/33

Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig - Shorty Color 1B

New Born Free Cutie Synthetic Wig - CT14 Color 1B


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Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer *original formula*
Saw this at Walmart and heard so many good things about it. It would be nice if this worked for me so that I could have a moisturizer available on the ground.


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I'm glad I keep most of my stuff in the Garage, that way I don't have to look at it.

But I know where every bottle & jar is and how much of it I have.

My personal goal in U1 B1 for the Summer is to use up between 10-20 unopened products between now & Labor Day.:look:

Hmp.:rolleyes: Little did I know, we'd be bombarded with Sales right after Mothers Day. We were literally bomarded with a barrage of discounts.:lol:

So, I guess they'll step up their games for July 4th as well.


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Well, since the Sale doesn't end until June 30th, it will give me a chance to use up a couple things.:look:

I know I will picxk this one up. You are absolutely right, the ingredients are the business.:love: :love:


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a bottle of Cocasta oil
1 shikakai shampoo bar

From the beauty supply store:
My Honey Child honey hair mask
Qhemet Biologics Olive and Honey hydrating balm
Denman D3 brush. I broke the handle on my old one.


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I picked up on Friday:
Nutiva extra virgin coconut oil
KomazaCare Aloe My Hair Spray
KomazaCare Califia Moisturizing Spray
AO GPB Conditioner


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Komaza Care
First time buying, hope I like it. All samples.

Komaza Scalp Conditioner
Aloe My Hair Leave In
Califia Moisturizing Cream
Califia Moisturizing Spray
Coconut Hair Milk