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May 2013...What Did YOU Buy this Week??? (Hair Care Edition)


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Olive & Shea Moisture Butter
Castor Oil Moisture Repair Cream
Cocoa Vanilla Deep Conditioner


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Aubrey moisturizing honey suckle rose conditioner
Kiss my face styling gel upper management
YS eco bee farms raw honey


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May Purchases:
Silk Dreams:
Avocado Pudding
Creme de la Silk
Shea What Deux DC
Vanilla Silk DC
Chocolate Bliss DC
Wheat Germ Butter Cond.

Hair Frappe
Mango Cream Rinse
Kpangnan Hydrating DC

Kizuri Beauty
Cocoa Vanilla DC
Butter Rich Defining Cream

Butters N Bars(ebay store)
Original Conditioning Hair Masque

Aura Cacia- Apricot Kernel Oil, Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Lavender essential oils
Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice Whole Leaf

Thanks God I'm Natural(tgin)
Honey Miracle Hair Mask
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100g Jamila 2012 Summer Crop Henna (5 dollars!)

Trying to do a henna with some reaaally old henna (2+ years) and I'm seeing that the stain is really weak.


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- Hairitage Hydration Peach Pomade -love this on my skin :)

- Afroveda Chocolatte Moisture Mask (ordered from Sage their shipping is alot faster than ordering from the actual site).


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1x- RED by Kiss Tourmaline Ceramic 1875 watt Hard Bonnet Dryer

Hopefully this reduces my drying time when rollersetting 2 1/2 hours is NOT the business!


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1x- RED by Kiss Tourmaline Ceramic 1875 watt Hard Bonnet Dryer

Hopefully this reduces my drying time when rollersetting 2 1/2 hours is NOT the business!

I'm watching you lady. just kidding. The right equipment makes a world of difference. I upgraded all my equipment last year (except blow dryer) and they were investments that has paid for themselves over and over again. I have the Pibbs 514 Kwik dri and now my roller sets dry in 30 minutes, you can't beat that with a stick!

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I didnt get any products :lol:. Ill eventually invest in a Pibbs or Pebco standing dryer, but since I'm perfecting my (ponytail) rollerset I'll use this for the time being. It has a nice wattage and good conditioning technology, so hopefully it works out well.


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Vitacost- castor oil, since i was buying multivitamins

i was trying to wait for a sale but.... i bought qhemet burdock + honeybush gel

gosh shipping is so expensive but convenient

Umm Ebraheem

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I recently bought the entire line of Aloe My Hair products with Komaza Care and I bought CurlKit subscription, which will start in June. I'm looking forward to trying the Komaza Care stuff and worried I wasted my money on the Curlkit!


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Aphogee keratin and green tea, bout to order some more Silk Dreams- I need that wheat germ condish in my life:)


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I just bought a gallon of Giovanni SAS deeper moisture for $29.27. This stuff works wonders for me.


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I've been on a BELNOUVO binge:

Avocado & Shea Healthy Hair Milk and Macabassu Hair Milk are the bomb!
Deep Quench Moisture Butter Chocolate Truffle- I've been using this more on my body than my hair!
I just placed another order for the Deep Conditioner, Coco Castor Pudding and some more Quench Moisture Butter, Vanilla Buttercreme
Aside from the stellar ingredients, his prices are also right.