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May 2022 What Did You Buy This Week? (Hair Care Edition)


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Here we are Ladies - In the Month of May! :hiya:

Can you BEWEAVE how Fast 2022 is going?:roadrunner:

I hope all is well. Families are Safe. Lives are being Blessed.:pray:

We need to continue to do some serious reflection as we round out 2022.:scratchchin:

The World feels so scary, uncertain and there is so much Hatred and Oppression and Sad News DAILY.:nono:

Therefore, we must to do our Part in some small way, by letting Our Lights Shine in this Dark Cruel World.:sunshine:

OT: I was in the Grocery to grab a few things near the job, in a rush and this girl with a cart let me go in front of her. She said she was picking up a few things for her parents who were unable to get out. I was touched by her words, since I've lost both of my parents.

I told the Cashier as I was paying, that I was also paying for her Cart. She didn't know her Food Items had been paid for as I was walking out the store.

Let's do our part in some small way. The smallest things can make the difference.

Okay...So....What Did You Buy This Week?


Ms. Nobody
Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave In
Alikay Naturals Wake me Up Curl Refresher
Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Honey Curl Forming Custard
Rolland Una Styling Gel
2 small spray bottles

Hopefully I wont buy anymore for the rest of the month. I am trying to go on a No buy but stuff just keeps interesting these pockets... :look:


Well-Known Member
Another Sprouted Curlies Order 40% off Code = MOM40
x1 Birthday Cake Indulge DC'er
x1 Passionfruit Hydrating Mask DC'er
Which DC is your favorite? I just posted in the Hits/Misses thread that I washed my hair today with the Avocado Kale mask and omg :) I want to wash my hair again so I can try the peach or birthday cake LOL

Does this company have sales often? I have alot of stuff I need to use up, but I really liked my results and don't want to miss a good price.


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@demlew :hiya:
SC's is the Little Sister to SheScentIt and Curl Origin. All 3 have Great Sales and they are usually 40%.

I have not tried any of the Sprouted Curlies yet......but I know I'll love it based on my love for SSI and CO products.:love:

If you love SheScentIt, don't sleep on Curl Origin and/or Sprouted Curlies:love2:

Thank you for replying! Funny thing is I've never tried CO, but I've bought tons of SSI products and never found anything to wow me (not for quality reasons, just didn't work out) so that makes me happy I can still support the business through a different product line. I look forward to your reviews!