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PJ Rehabilitation Center

To ALL the Mothers, God-Mothers, Step-Mothers, Foster-Mothers, Adopted Mothers, Aunties, Sisters, Cousins, Care Takers, Friends!

To ALL who touch the Lives of Someone Else regardless of Who They Are....

Happy Mothers Day!:2inlove:

Keep Doing What You Do! Being Who You Are (Beautifully, I might Add)

You All Are Amazing Women, and I am Glad to Have each and every one of you in my E-Circle of Friends!

What Are YOUR Weekly Hair Plans?


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Pre-Treated: Sarenzo's Fenugreek & Rice Pre-Poo
Cleanse: HennaSooq's Cleansing Conditioner
Treat: AO's GPB
Steam: SSI's Royal Argan DC'er
Apply L-I: LOC