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Mesh Rollers: Has Anyone Tried...


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taking their mesh rollers to a Dominican salon? Were the stylists okay with it? I know it won't help me know for certain how they'll react in my particular salon, but I really want to try this and want to get a feel for how other stylists have reacted. Since seeing Albane's and Skegeesmb's great successes with mesh rollers, I want to try them, but I don't know how to roll my own hair nor do I own a hooded dryer. I get my hair set on a small roller (red), because I like to wear it curly. This always pisses them off, so they say "2 hours, mami", when really, I am probably dry in 1 hr. 40 min. I'd like to cut the time by as much as possible, so the mesh is really tempting. Has anyone ever tried taking their own rollers (particularly mesh) to the salon? What was their reaction? I don't see why it would matter, but I have the sneaking suspicion it's not going to fly. TIA ladies!


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Girl, I'd be scared but, I figure if the ladies will let you bring your own shampoo and conditioners then rollers shouldn't be that big a deal. I would ask first though.


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I do not know for the Dominican salons in the US, but as for me I always take my rollers with me when I travel for a week or more, because most of the time they do not have the big size anymore. I do it particularly during the holidays and this has never created any problem with the salon. On the contrary, the girls in the salon are generally curious about this type of hairset and they accept willibgly the guidance.

When selecting the salon, I also pay attention to the hood dryers they own....because sometimes they have none and sometimes they will have some kind of modern dryers which do not accept my rollerset size. Fortunately they are still plenty of oldfashioned hood as soon as you do not go in the franchise type of hairsalon. Also the most recent hood dryers I have seen are very large, I do not know if this mean that large rollerset are again in favor, but for sure I can sit under and this is more confortable than my own dryer.

So if I was in your case, I would go with my rollers.....