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Mice Plague in Eastern Australia

Black Ambrosia

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It’s related to a lot of rain following a drought. One farmer said, then run up pant legs—- the outside of them if you are lucky But please click to see more!

Now you know ain't no way I'm clicking with that tiny bit of info you just shared.


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I have questions

bed legs in hot water, how long do they think water will stay hot

catch and release method, why catch to release right back into the community

why is there a resurgence after every 10 years, sounds like the cicadas :supergrin:

why haven't they found a solution to the problem, after all they have 10 whole years to figure it out, they must like the mice

I just can not click on that link


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Yeah I'm crazy and I watched it. Its not too bad but the footage is wild.
And pooh on them if they don't know what to do about it. You're supposed to live and learn but if you don't then....what?


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Wow!!!!! That's just awful, I find it interesting that the guy in the interview has a Suicide Prevention banner behind him. .....I could see how this would impact a very fagile population.
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Crackers Phinn

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In my experience with stray cats, catch and release means catch the animal, spay or neuter it and release it back. Did PETA just recommend somebody do 3 million mouse vasectomies' and hysterectomies, give them time to heal and release them back?

Ain't nobody got time for alladat.
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I am horrified. I would move. We sold one of our fixer upper homes because we found a mouse running up the stairs. We found a hole where they came in from outside. The house was built in 1864. So I was not even going to bother. Someone even told me they may live in the roof of older houses. Thank god dh understood. After that its all newly built homes. They are sealed. But I am terrified of them going into our garage whenever we open it. We live in the country and there is already proof that they are outside.

I had a sibling die from getting a disease from a rat when we were toddlers. We lived in the country and field Mice would run into the house from outside. I cannot deal with rats at all...