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Michigan Cop Files Suit Alleging Racism At Work After Test Reveals He Is 18% Black


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Well given that he grew up white, I couldn't possible expected him to know our world. He thought he would be exempted and embraced because of that fact. He thought wrong.
"Yo bro, you're part black?" "That's totally awesome!" "Does this mean you're woke now?" "You get to be exotic, how cool."

Reality: "S'up Kunta." "It's Cleon." "That's what I said." "Stop being so sensitive."


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Nobody else thinks he was walking around saying the n word and saying things like "you ain't heard, I'm black I can say it" Lol I don't know why that's the feeling I'm getting. And when his boys was still calling him Tyrone and doing the black power fist a month later he got butthurt and wanted to cry to somebody about it hence the lawsuit.


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Look how quickly he lost his y/t privilege with just 18% of Africa flowing through his weak veins....and how quickly he cried "uncle" & pulled the proverbial race card.

I would like him to win his law-suit. This will certainly set precedent. It would have to work both ways of course and Black folks with 18% Euro will get the benefit. Whatever that is...


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This tickles me. No one deserves to be harassed. Good on him for reporting it. I wonder how the other officers were normally. I mean, were they saying racist stuff regularly?

And, great-great-grandma must have been passing because 18% is a lot for a white American.

More like a parent or a few grand parents. According to the math, he had 1 full black great grandparent. Which means nothing since we all have white ancestry. My guess, light skinned black grand parent+white grandparent, parent passed and he's the result.


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I wonder why he started claiming it- for a joke, cool points, scholarships, or what? Was he being serious or doing it to mock only to have the tables turned on him?

I know my probably 20% Black stepsister and her 10% Black kids will all of a sudden go from Hispanic to African American on identification forms now that she wants to go back to school. She and my stepmother were joking about claiming AA on forms for scholarships during their younger years. I know my stepmother's mother and grandparents growing up had them do this even though they despised African Americans and wouldn't associate with them. They were looking to get free money/benefits/affirmative action.

Hilarious since 8/10 people in their family are too brain dead to ever actually do anything productive with a higher education in the first place. I remember being flabbergasted when I was informed she was trying to go back to school. I mean the girl barely graduated high school and her bro not even middle school.