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If you could design your very own miracle wonder product line, your very own holy grail of shampoos, conditioners and styling products designed just for YOUR HAIR in mind, What would it be? Describe it. What product (if any) would it be similar to that's already on the market?

I'll go first:

It would be deep cleansing but gentle and not stripping or drying. But cleansing enough to get rid of all the gook that I apply to my hair every day. Similar to: California Baby Sensitive formula but a little stronger (more cleansing)

Very moisturising and detangling. Thick creamy consistency but runny enough to work through all of my hair. Similar to: Suave Moisturising Conditioner but with more detangling ingredients.

I would formulate this excatly like Pantene Smooth and Sleek. I have no complaints about this stuff when used as a leave in and has been the only product I have stuck with throughout the years.

Would be a glycerine based curl activator gel consistency that is light, not a strong smell. Similar to: Worlds of Curls but a littler lighter...a littler more watery maybe.

A gel with no protein and no crunch. One that also leaves a nice shine. Similar to: the VO5 gels but minus the protein. What would be very nice is a curl activator and holding gel combo in one.

A roller set lotion that will dry your hair in 1/3 of the time it normally takes to dry under a hooded dryer. No alcohol or othet agents that will dry your hair out but something that will speed up the drying time under the dryer. Similar to: nothing that I have seen out there.

A product that will let you spray it in or comb it through and go relaxer straight for a day or untill the next time you decide to wash it out. Something that will not require all the heat and time and effort it takes to blow dry and flat iron out natural hair.
Similar to: Nothing I have seen out there.

A product that will give you the correct blend of moisture and protein in one shot. This will eliminate the need to follow up protein with mositure. Similar to: Aubrey GPB or Ion Deep Moisturizing Therapy.

OK that's all I can think of for now
Who's next.....


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This is a great question Valleygirl! /images/graemlins/smile.gif

Let's see.

Hairfanatic's Moisture Girl Shampoo /images/graemlins/grin.gif
The only true shampoo you will ever need because it adjusts the treatment to your hair based on the seasons. I'm definately using my imagination. /images/graemlins/laugh.gif African Formula Curl Maintainance is close.

Hairfanatic's Condition Me Baby Conditioner
Okay, I'm having fun here! /images/graemlins/grin.gif The ultimate conditioner that doesn't coat the hair but has the ability to go from lightly conditioning to heavy. Aubrey's Island Butter and GPB are close enough for now

Hairfanatics Get Those Tangles Out of Here Spray.
Yes, I want to be able to glide the comb through my hair and it stays soft even after it dries. Still trying to find

Hairfanatic's Oil Me Ever So Lightly Oil.
It doesn't clog the pores, penetrates the hair and is not heavy.

Uncle Harry's Coconut Oil is light but strong smell.

Okay, this is my cue to get me a lab and start manufactering my line called The You Too Can Be A Hairfanatic System! /images/graemlins/grin.gif


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Ms_Kenesha's Dry No More Line

Super Moisturizing Shampoo: it would moisturize my hair like nobody's business, but still be cleansing enough to thorougly clean my scalp, similar to Elucence Moisture Balancing Shampoo!

Super Intense Hydrating Conditioner: A deep conditioner that moisturizes very well and leaves the comb gliding through my hair that smells like Peaches, similar to Motions CPR minus the whole herbs and lackluster smell.

Silky Glide Leave-In: A super hydrating leave -in conditioner that makes even combing with a fine tooth comb well, similar to ?

Super-Duper Protein Conditioner: A heavy duty once a month conditioner that truly stops breakage on the spot, similar to Aphogee minus the horrific smell

Miracle Heat Protectant: A heat protectant that kept my hair moisturized as well as completely protected from heat styling as well as having a sunblock in it, similar to Keracare Leave-In

That's all I have for now!


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okay here is my line. it is called 4 ever hair and it is designed for typ 4 hair. relaxed and natural.
so moist and so clean shampoo- it cleans whith out striping your hair. and smells good.
so moist and so clean conditioner- it kind of like humetres you cna us it as a leave in or conditoner. and again it smells good.
supa dupa conditoner- deep conditoner that doesn't require heat
protien pac- like aphogee. it has the protien treatment and moisuturizing treatment
napp roots leavein- detagling forumla with viatmins. kinda like infusium. softens hair and mouisturizes and smellls good ( do we see a pattern)
holdin' it down ( aka H.I.D) gel- hlds minus the flaking and drying alchol. smells just like "let's jam"
shine oil shine- like 2 and 1 pink oil spray minus alchol. supper shine and the little nozzle 2 SPRAY SCALP
shine natural hair and scalp oil contains no mineral oil. doens't clog pores, prevents flaky scalp no iky smell
hot presssing creme- makes hair water resistant,non greasy and protects from heat.