Mixing proteins


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Does anyone know if mixing different types of proteins together is helpful to hair, or does one block the function of the other. I haven't found any product that has a large amount of different proteins so i made my own concoction. I mixed products with hydrolyzed keratin (Ion recon treatment), hydrolyzed collagen (ORS replen cond) and liquid silk amino acids. This was my first time doing this and so far my hair feels ok.

Has anyone ever mixed proteins. What was your result?

Does anyone use a product with a high amount of different proteins?


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i wouldn't think it's bad. the reason i like aphogee 2 minute is because it has different types of protein in it


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If it works for you then it's fine. The ors replenishing pac leaves my hair mushy so I'm not really sure if it is a protein conditioner, imo I think it's more moisturizing than protein. Your concoction looks more like a mix of moisturizing and protein.


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Certain protein products can be a little funny so I think it depends on the product. I've mixed moisturizers (Paul Mitchell Super Charge) WITH protein conditioners but not 2 proteins together. You can only try and see.