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Mizani Relaxer Question (Scotland)



I have been looking high and low for an answer to my question

I have had a Mizani relaxer in a salon on a not so regular basis over the last 2 years. The results were good I have 4c hair, when I have self relaxed in the past I had used ORS Coarse Strength No Lye (box relaxer) for 20 mins and got the same results. The salon is now closed due to covid so i need to do my own hair as its been 3 months and is breaking at the demarcation line, they are not responding to messages so cannot find out which Mizani relaxer she used i know it smelt very nice of honey, shea butter etc so no chemical smell at all.

I have purchased the Rhelaxer Coarse strength I haven't tried it yet as i've read that people say the lye ones don't straighten as well is that correct, yes i understand they process quicker but if you apply it away from the scalp like they do in salons you should not get any burning. If it is indeed true that they do not straighten as well would the coarse one straighten better or if using the normal one (one level below this) but leave it on longer do more damage than a box relaxer would. As Lye is generally what salons use and I find it hard to believe they do not as I always thought the salon ones gave best results than box relaxer no lye. I have personally felt for years that they were stronger, what's the truth in this?

I heard that the sensitive scalp relaxer has only one strength, not the usual three you would get from other branded no lye formulations, would this straighten 4C hair, I don't go for the tex-lax look I want my hair straight and sleek/smooth looking?

I have done a little research and found:

  1. Sensitive Scalp formulation (no Lye) - I understand this has only one strength, is this correct and would it straighten my 4C hair?? Can anyone screenshot the instructions as i haven't been able to find this anywhere on the net?
  2. Rhelaxer/Relaxer- Normal/Medium strength (Lye),
  3. Rhelaxer Coarse (Lye),
  4. Butter Blends HG (I understand this is an older formulation but has been discontinued and that another one takes it's place) (Lye).
  5. Butter Blends (Lye but seems to be single portion application there is a picture of a 4 pack below)
  6. Another with the word "classic" written on it.
I am confused why is there so many variants still out there being sold today? I have personally seen that my salon had the ones named/spelt Rhelaxer and sensitive scalp. I would rather buy the one that is not discontinued.

If I look online, ebay, amazon and shops own websites they all look different so i am confused which one I should be using for my hair. Have a look at the images below, these are all you can buy at the moment except the HG one. FYI the image at the bottom is on Mizani own website.

Hope someone can help clear this up.





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Not sure the strength the salon used on your hair but I wouldn't use coarse resistant, I believe that would be super, you may try normal, that's not super but it's not for mild/fine hair. Also, they may have used Mizani Butter Blend Lye in Medium/Normal strength.