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MSM, Hair and Allergies


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I read a 'while ago' post by I think it was Ekomba writing about MSM and allergy relief. I've been taking MSM nearly a year now. I still once in a while have severe pain and 'locking' of my right ankle { heavy rains do me in and under!} from an avulsion fracture in 1982 but other minor joint discomforts have gone away. My hair, well I do not know whether MSM or using a mild relaxer and a lot of moisture have given me a great wavy. new growth texture. The thing is...I used to be allergic to perfumes...after using a phereomone type lotion {don't want to be sued but the maker's initials are M.M sold on HSN.} I can now spray perfumes, use scented lotions again after many years unable to without tingling lips or itching skin. Perhaps MSM does alleviate some allergies.