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I'm a little frustrated. :wallbash: You may say, what else is new, but I did a search for MSM in our forum and the results are nil. No results found.

Now, I know that y'all are using MSM. Some in conjunction with other supplements like Biotin and B vitamins. I've read the posts myself.

Why come I can't find them then? Check for yourself if you think I'm being lazy.:grin:

My point, you ask, I would like to hear about some benefits and problems that you have had from taking MSM. I'm sure it's out there on the forum, but I can't find it.

Anywho, I just bought some and took it last night along with my 10,000 mg of Biotin, B complex, flaxseed, GTF Chromium, and 2 horse pill multivitamins. I took 1500 mg and I'm going to bump it to 3000 in a week. I've been chugging water also.

I was doing some research online and I found that because the sulphur balances the pH level in our bodies, we become optimized so to speak. Like our computers after a virus/spyware scan.

Hair and nails benefit, skin and internal organs benefits. Supposedly is great for Candida which I have a systemic problem with. There is a major detox effect and that's why some people get breakouts and headaches.

I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

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Your Right for some reason the search function or tag function doesnt work for MSM.
You can try surching "sulfur" and a few threads will come up


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A, how did you know you have candida? how were you dx?

Usually twice a year by my family physician. I don't self diagnose the yeast. I'm too sensitive to soaps and gels to always think it's that. If hydrocortisone doesn't work, I call my doctor and get a smear done.