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Mtg And Hair Transplant


New Member
Hi, I'm new to the forum. I have pretty decent length hair however several years ago was diagnoses with traction alopecia. This has led to some hair loss in the frontal part of my head. I'm going to have a hair transplant in a couple of months. I'm wondering if any one knows any one who has had this procedure that later used MTG and it helped to accelerate hair growth? I recently ordered this product after reading great reviews from this forum and other forums. I've yet to try it but hope that it helps me like it has helped so many others.


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I would ask the doctor about the ingredients in MTG. On second thought, I would not use it in the area of the transplant. Only because you want to keep those pores as healthy as possible. How is the rest of your hair? I guess it will grow at that same rate.

Sorry I didn't answer your question.

Good luck with your hair!!!


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Hi desperateval, welcome to the forum. Good luck with your transplant and maybe if your mtg will kick in and you won't have to have the transplant. :)


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I would see how MTG works for you before going through with hair transplants. It could give you the results that you need. I guess it just depends on how bad your traction alopecia is....:perplexed


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Yes, if there is any way to postpone the transplant surgery..... I would give the MTG a try for a few months, see what happens. Its been known to work "miracles" for folks who thought they'd never see growth again in certain damaged areas.

Otherwise, once you have the transplant.......... Im not sure how safe it will be to use. You may want to consult with a dermatologist for that one.:confused: