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Multiple product reviews


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Just got finished trying some products so I'll review them for you guys.
Hairobics reviews are towards the middle.

REDKEN Heavy Cream deep conditioner: This product is not for everyone. While it did make my hair soft and moisturized, it left it just a wee bit limp and a little dull. My hair felt soft while the product was in, but the softness decreased a little as it was washed out.

Verdict: It's simply okay, but not enough to buy it again. This is a nice little product to try if you buy samples of it off eBay and stash it away for when you go on vacation so you can have a deep conditioner ready.

Dove Intense Moisture shampoo: I know...I know...it's full of both types of ALS (laureth and lauryl). Don't throw rocks at me just yet. Used twice a week as a clarifying shampoo, this stuff is where it's at. It feels almost like a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner combo. However, I found that it's conditioner effects work only the first time, as each time you use it thereafter it only seems to make your hair feel harder.

Verdict: Used only once every two weeks to remove build-up, you should be in the clear. It feels less harsh on the hair than other shampoos that are made specifically to clarify.

Hairobics Detangler Oil: I bought this because of its ingredients. It contains soy, sesame, avocado, jojoba, ylang ylang, rosemary, lavendar and a whole host of other hair-loving oils. It is a very light oil...as soon as it stops sliding down your face... Make sure you have a few tissues handy if you plan to apply it down each part between your cornrows (what I do). You can also simply put it in your hands and then apply it to your hair. I don't because it will make my hair too slippery to braid.

It takes a minute or two to soak in (to the hair) but once it's in, you'll be smelling like fruit punch for days.

Verdict: Leaves hair soft, lightly moisturized and smelling great. This may not be for your hair if you need more moisture. It can be used as a leave-in under another moisturizer because it is so light an oil. I would wait for your hair to dry first before putting something on top of it.

Hairobics Hair and Scalp Booster: This one of the few pomades that will make you crave a stick of spearmint gum or peppermint candy really badly. It smells just like it. It purports to make the scalp tingle when applied but I didn't feel any tingling and I'm pretty tender-headed. It does however make the scalp feel temporarily cooler when applied. This product is also chock full of oils such as coconut, wheat germ, jojoba, sage, almond, and rosemary to name a few.

Verdict: It made my hair feel a little greasy and made it itch a little so I don't think I will be buying this again.

Hairobics Eyelash Conditioner: Two words and a punctuation mark: This works! I used it for a month and found that my lashes (which were already long) are now thicker and even longer. They touch the inside lens of my glasses! I also used it on my eyebrows to help them grow back faster. It actually worked. I've been trying to get them to grow back faster for months and finally they have.

Verdict: Use it sparingly! It's very easy to apply too much and you don't want an eye full of castor oil. It's not pleasant, believe me. I accidentally poked myself in the eye like a
Dab a tiny bit on your ring finger (your weakest finger) and close your eye and apply it to your lashes in downward strokes. Also, apply a little to your undereye (only touch your under eye with your weakest finger). You can use it a little more liberally on your eyebrows. Apply it there in a horizontal motion.

Philou Chocolate shampoo and conditioner: Hmm. Besides smelling good, this duo did nothing for me. The shampoo made my hair feel hard. The conditioner is supposed to be left on for a few minutes and then rinsed off. It barely did a thing for my hair. Hardly even moisturized a strand.

Verdict: If you want to make your bathroom smell like a chocolate factory, these are the products you want to reach for. The bottles say "shampoo" and "conditioner" but I think what they meant to label them as, is "aromatherapy"

Samy Emergency Hair Treatment: Go. Buy. This. Product. Now. If you haven't tried this, smoke out the product junkie within, shake her hand and say "Hi, PJ. My name is _____" This deep conditioner works like nobody's business. It makes your hair shiny, soft and uber moisturized.

Verdict: A definte will-buy-again product. My only gripe is that it's been repackaged so many times I hope I'm telling you guys the right name for it.


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Thank you for the reviews! How ironic! This weekend I purchased REDKEN Heavy Cream deep conditioner and I received the exact same results (soft when putting it on my hair but then that softness decreased a bit when washed out). It's a shame that the initial softness on application did not remain the same!


I will have to second the notion on the DOVE..I LUV IT..I LUV THE SOAP..AND I FIGURED WHY NOT TRY IT FOR THE HAIR..I LOVE IT...