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My first clarifying shampoo at home


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I did my first clarifying shampoo ever at home this morning. My hair was looking blah and I have been wanting to give this a try. I used Pantene's Clarifying Shampoo and followed it with Pantene's Daily Moisture Renewal. Can I just say, OMG!!!! I love this conditioner! I was scared at first because I have never clarified and was not used to that stripped feeling, but I love the feel and smell of the clarifier. It doesn't feel like it is stripping when you are washing. Anyway, I applied the conditioner, finished my shower and proceeded to rinse out the conditioner. That's when I almost fell in the shower, lol! My hair just slipped through my fingers. It was incredible! I cannot recall my hair ever feeling that silky and smooth before. I have come close with the Motions Moisture Plus, but the mineral oil in that product gives a slight different feel. I am in love.

Did I do the follow-up correctly after clarifying? Should I have done a deep conditioner instead? I wondered about that after I completed my rollerset. Can I just follow-up with a deep conditioner on my next condition wash or should I wait until I wash with shampoo again in about 5 days or so?

I can't wait to see how my hair turns out later on in the day.


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Yes, you did a good job.
I think it's always a good idea to follow up a clarifying shampoo with a conditioner that gives your hair a lot of slip (aka detangling properties). It's also a good idea to do a deep conditioner too (since the hair is so nice and clean).


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i think it would be beneficial to do a deep condition after your next wash just because you didnt do one after this wash. i tend to switch off like that.


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azul11 said:
can you do clarifying after you remove braids? God bless you all.

[/ QUOTE ]
I'm pretty sure you can, especially if you have product build up. Clarifying would be good to do then.


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Stop trying to tempt me SG! I see that smiling face bouncing up and down on the trampoline. I am not falling for the okey doke
. Lemme finish up the DMR first (my version of it) and then I will move on to the R&N, no doubt!