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My hair regimen, any advice on how i can improve it?


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I need some advice on how to improve my hair regimen. Please feel free to browse and let me know what you think. :)

1) Moisutrize hair twice a day. I use: Sunsilk in the pink bottle, UBH creme, African Gold creme and sometimes i use Mane n tail original conditioner as a leave in. I also use Shea All naturals she butter leave in conditionner on my scalp, for some reason when i use it on my hair it makes it dryer.

2) I sue oil to seal in the moisture: I use Black castor oil at the moment. But I prefer 100% Sweet almond oil. I also use the 100% sweet almond oil as a pre poo treatment. It works wonders. I also use wild growth oil and I also apply it to my scalp once in a while.

3)I deep condition twice a week. Once with a moisturising conditionner and once with a protein conditioner. I sit under dryer with shower cap for 15 to 20 mins. I use my micro head cap more lately since i can heat it in the microwave and do other things than sit under dryer.I usually keep my micro cap for 30 minutes.

Deep conditioner used:

Queen Helene Cholesterol ( Moisturising) * I also add to it some Sweet almond oil*

Elastica QP DPR-11 Deep moisturising cond.

ORS mayo (Protein)
ORS mayo +1 egg ( heavy protein treatment)

*I have tried to go without heat but my hair became horrible, it would cosntantly tangle for some reason.:confused: seems like my hair likes heat. My hair is currently natura ( since 1999)l and I only use heat when i Deep condition.

4) When doing a moisturising deep conditionner I use a protein shampoo ( pantene pro V with protein. When i do a protein Deep conditionner I use Creme of Nature Moisturising shampoo.

5)Relaxer: I plan to get my hair relax soon. I will be using Phytospecific II

6) Clarifying shampoo once a month. I use the clear pantene Pro V clarifyer.

7) Protective style: i wear my hair up always. I either keep it up with a crunchy or I do a bun. I wrap my hair at night under a silk scarf.

:look: Anything else I should do or change?



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Looking good to me. I dont think there is anything that needs to be changed. Congrats on finding a regimen!:p


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Looks good. The only thing I did not notice was if you used a clarifying shampoo. They are good to use once a month or so. After you clarify, conditioners work even better.:grin:


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It seems like a great routine to me. Just need to have patience and excellent result will follow.