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My hair's acting funny...


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I'm finding out that Everytime I use heat on my hair, when I want to go back to curly, my hair becomes very porous. I only use heat 3 times/ year, and as some of you may remember, I had my hair pressed at the end of december.

My hair has started acting funny. Since i've washed out that press, I've done an aphogee protein treatment, and a motions cpr deep condition. Then I left my hair alone doing braid outs and twists outs, while deep conditioning once/week.

This week, actually washing my hair daily, i've noticed that the front is drying really fast... like in the space of 3 minutes, while the rest of my hair dries at it's normal rate of a couple of hours...

Also the hair in front gets wet, but then doesn't drip water. Like it can't hold water. Once dry, that hair is all frizzy.

Last night, I slept with Roux porosity control and Cpr in my hair to see if that would help. It made things a little better. I left a little roux porosity control on the front section of my hair under my gel today too.

Any more suggestions on what I can do to return my hair to normal porosity?
(I'm also experiencing more breakage right now... I know that's because of the hard press i got, but i was hoping the aphogee protein treatment would've helped.)

Thanks in advance!


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It sounds like the Roux is doing you some good. Maintain some consistancy with that and have plenty patience. Best wishes...:up: