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My new protective style :-)


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My new protective style :) (Video Added)

Today I had the pleasure of meeting dontspeakdefeat !! I called her about two months ago because of a thread you lovely ladies posted congratulating her on her recent accomplishments. Anywho, I spoke with her and at the time I wasn't ready for a weave. I was actually afraid of weaves because I really didn't want any type of set backs since i'm newly natural. I called her really just interested in her caring for my hair not so much for my weave(because I intended on leaving them alone for a while). I felt a really good vibe after speaking with her that day, because although she let me know that I would have NOTHING to worry about if she installed a weave for me, she didn't press the issue and gave me a lot of great advice over the phone and I wasn't even her client!!

Anywho fast forward two months later?? I called her and made an appointment. I'm telling you ladies it had to be fate, because when I called she was actually just ending her vacation so it was a blessing that she even answered the phone!! Anyways all in all I just really want to let you ladies know that she is very knowledgeable about the care of your natural hair under your protective style . So any one in the Atlanta area looking for a great healthy hair care stylist =====> dontspeakdefeat is definitely a great choice :) Overall I'm more than happy with my install. My hair doesn't feel tight at all and she gave me great advice of how to take care of my hair while in my weave. So she really put my mind at ease and working with her I don't think i'm going to have any set backs and I will finally meet my goals:)

Here are a few pictures let me know what you guys think...

This is Extensions Plus Relaxed Texture 16" and 18"
The 16" is old hair that I've worn I think 3 times before so it's still going strong!!
More photos HERE

Hey I also did a video :)

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What color is that? It looks very natural and pretty. I love wigs but I might end up calling her one day for a weave install.


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Yes, that's the same thing I was saying two months ago lol. Wigs are really easy though, I will still wear them in between my sew-in'sand with clips more than likely so I can take it off.

The 18" color is #2 with #6 highlights and the 16" is like two shades of auburn/brown i'm unsure I had that professionally colored and I added the darker roots to it (only the 16") so it would blend better.


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lwilliams1922 yes I've been natural since October of last year :) I do have hair left out to blend and I'm able to blend my hair with it because it's been flat ironed and the weave that I chose is a DEAD on match for my hair texture (4a/b). And the weave is also flat ironed which means when I wash it it's going to swell up which I love because I like to wear that slightly blown out look some days. :)