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Natural 4b and Protein


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Hi ladies!

I am not sure if this was already posted but I was curious about maintaining the protein/moisture balance with natural hair. I am 4b newly natural (2 months) and I have been mostly focusing on moisture. So far so good, but I don't want to slack on the protein even if it appears as though I don't need it.

Sorry this is so long, but my question is what proteins are natural 4a or 4b using?

Product recommendations are welcome!

Thanks a bunch

Mook's hair

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Hy hair hates-hates-hates Animal proteins (egg, mayo, etc.) -
Also dislikes apHogee.

Silk Amino Acids are the greatest protein I've found.
I get the liquid from lotioncrafters.com.


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I use a reconstructor: Nexxus Emergencée or Aubrey Organics GPB. I've never used a pure protein with no moisturizing properties in it. I try to do it once a week or once a fortnight.


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I use ApHogee Keratin reconstrutor (i hope that's the right name, it's in my Fotki). I use this 1x a week, and my hair loves it - my hair hardly breaks when i use this.

I always do a deep condition after every wash, so my hair doesn't really have a problem with protein.

By the way, your hair looks beautiful and healthy in your sig.


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Silk/soy protein that comes in some V05 conditioners. My hair doesn't need much protein or it'll misbehave. It depends on the natural.


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I pre-poo overnite with ORS Mayo....its mild protein. I always DC w/Aubrey HSR for moisture with every single wash.


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Thank you ladies!!

How can you tell if your hair hates something?

When you use a product and afterwards your hair makes you want to :cry2:, :pullhair:, :swearing:, and/or :wallbash:.

:lol: That, exactly.

I almost never use protein. I use MT on my scalp, and some of that works its way down my strands. On a rare basis, I'll add a tiny bit of it to my DC's. I use silk amino acids on the regular, but my hair doesn't react to that the way it does to most proteins (hardening/stiffening). I use henna, most of the time, which while it isn't a protein, it acts a lot like one.
Otherwise, I drown my hair in moisture.