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Natural Butter/Oils for Hair & Body


4C (natural) currently relaxed (Mizani)
I'm quite interested to try some natural hair butter/oils and also for my skin, I'm not sure which one(s) I should be looking at.

I'm new to all this I would also like some information on how to make my own. I'm in UK.

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hemp seed: super moisturizing alone... a nice soft texture... very fatty.
avocado: very similar to hemp seed butter, both hemp and almond are great without mixing with anything else. super fatty and moisturizing.
shea: Thick firm butter that imp needs mixing to get the full effects of its goodness. a great sealant but not as moisturizing as hemp and avocado.
Honorable mention: aloe butter.... never used it but have heard good things about it.
avocado: nutrient dense... the darker the better
castor: the thickest and most moisturizing of them all.
jojoba: super light.... great for the skin...
hemp seed: for some reason reminds me alot of avocado oil but with a weird grass like smell when its the good stuff. Also the darker the better
sweet almond: Never used it but heard good things about it

I love the quality of mountain rose herbs oils. They are super authentic, cold pressed so u get all the nutrients, its the real deal.

I usually mix my butters with oils instead of using either straight.

My next mix will be hemp seed butter, avocado butter, aloe butter, and shea butter in equal parts combined with castor oil to get it to the right consistancy.


4C (natural) currently relaxed (Mizani)
My hair likes oils not heavy though as its relaxed now. I couldn't just spray on water and put an oil product on top of the hair as the water will dry's up my hair like a rock. i've always had to use my hairdryer to get it to melt into my hair a bit otherwise it will just sit on my hair. I recently bought some jbco for my scalp bwoy this stuff is thick i've ony put a touch of this on my scalp as it make you think you have thick hair, i may try some rosemary oil with it to cut it down a bit, its that stuff pungent?


4C (natural) currently relaxed (Mizani)
I'm. Interested in using aloe vera particularly on my scalp, any recipes or ways of best way to use this? I have JBCO.