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Natural Winter Hair Care; How can I improve?


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My Winter Protective Regimen



Conditioners (Used like Shampoo; leave in 10 mins and rinse):
Aussie Moist (added SAA and JBCO)
Redken Softer (added SAA and JBCO)
Ojon conditioner - any of them
Nature’s Organic Henna Conditioner

Deep Conditioner (Saturate; leave in a long time; comb in; wash a little out):
Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose
Aubrey GPB (Protein Balance Treatment)
Organix Shea Butter Conditioner (add aloe vera and cocnut oil)
L’Oreal’s deep nourishing conditioner

Jamila Henna (fresh lemon juice and EO added) 3hour process, every other month

Additives (approx 3 tbsp added to different conditioners):
Silk Amino Acid (Protein)
Silk Peptide (Protein)
Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Unrefined Shea Oil
Pure Coconut Oil
Pure Aloe Vera

Leave ins:
Ojon revitalizing spray
Home made cream/pomade
Home made oil mixture

The Homemade oils and such:
Since I'm a bad product junkie I took my old oils and mix them together with my new natural oils to make a Great Oil for my hair after conditioning.

Old oils:
Lisa's Hair Elixir
Jojoba Oil
Tui Oil

New oils:
Shea Oil
Black Jamaican Castor Oil
Avocado Oil

How to use:
I combined them all in a cheap spray bottle and I sprits it on my hair after deep conditioning 1x week. I wear a plastic heat bag on my heat and wrap it with a scarf, go to sleep. In the morning I have deep nourished hair for the winter, it's so hydrated and not greasy at all. I add my homemade creams (Shea butter, aloe Vera, avocado butter, mango butter, mix with Jamaican black castor oil and pomade) to my ends and edges as a pomade and if I wear a ponytail I add it wear the scrunchie will be tied. Spray on some Rosewater-Aloe Vera-Silk Amino Acid blend and go.

If any breakage occurred I use a deep protein regimen. Sometimes Henna and sometimes SAA with Wheat Protein, stops the breakage immediately and boosts growth. I learned this from the ladies on Curly Nikki’s website. I also seal it with coconut oil.

To Date: 9/9/09 through 12/09/09 - 4 inches of growth in 3 months!

(plus I'm drinking water and taking vitamins)

Work week Nutrition:
Breakfast at work is 16oz v8 Fusion Berry Blend with 2 scoops of Ultimate Greens Protein 8in1 w/ Hemp Protein. 1ml of Focus and Detox by Functionalab.
Snack: Cozy Chamonile Tea and Herbal Unwind African Honeybrush w mandarin orange flavor. Water.
Lunch: Subway Sub. Tuna or Turkey or honey oat, no mayo, no oils. Water, no chips.
Dinner: Roasted Chicken or BBQ Pork (Ribs). Orange or an Apple.
Vitamins: iFlora Probiotics for women, Nature Made Multi Complete, TriFlex Bone and Joint with MSM, Chondroitin, Glucosamine. Ambien CR to sleep (I have back pain and a 1 year old son to keep me in pain or occupied J)

Weekend Nutrition:
Breakfast is scrambled egg whites and a sweet potato pancake, Water or Lemonade.
Lunch: Pppffffttttt (washing clothes, cleaning, chasing my 1 year old, or at Target)
Dinner: El Pollo Loco Chicken or chicken I can bake at home.
I drink Water when I can get a moment to remember
I take my vitamins at night as usual

Guilty consumptions that I sneak in every once in a while:
Peanut Butter Captain Crunch with Whole Milk
Peanut Butter Crackers
A chocolate donut when it’s that time (Ladies!)
Sunflower seeds when it’s that time (Ladies)
Ginger Beer (reminds me of home – Trinidad) like Ginger Ale
Filet of Sole
Fried Shrimp
Egg Rolls
Chou Maine
Chicken Burrito Supreme
A shot of Tequila if there was too much stress (Maybe twice a year, I don’t drink)

Pray I don’t beat they a$$
Sleep on it
Take a walk and drink some water


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Not sure why you need improvement if you had 4 inches of growth in 3 months.

It seems like a lot of products but if it is working for you, leave it alone.


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Wow! 4 inches in only 3 months! Go you!

You sound like you have a lot goin on in your reggie, but it's obviously workin if you've got growth like that. If I were you I wouldn't change a thing.