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Naturals...Let's talk protein

How often do you use protein in your hair?

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I am ready to start my own experiment of sorts. My hair is very fine and sometimes over moisturized.
I will add AO GPB as a leave in sometimes as well as for some co-washes to see if it makes any difference in the "strength" of my hair. I will let you guys know how it goes.
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I tend to do protein dc following w/ a moisturizing one. This time I end up using a harder protein dc & left it on my head for more than an hour. I noticed my hair was stronger but drier/hard after blowdrying. I think I may chill out a while from protein to see how my hair responds.


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My hair has been acting funky lately. Last month I had some shedding and I did an egg protein treatment and that helped. Today I washed and had lots of shed hair so I did an aphogee treatment, followed by 2 hours of deep conditioning, then rollerset my hair. I lost alot less hair and it feels stronger.

I used to do protein treatments whenever, but now I see that I'll have to do this at least once a month going forward.


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The only "protein treatment" I do is a cherry lola, which I do about every 2 weeks. I love that treatment. Otherwise, I can take it here and there in products, but not heavy doses. Izzy will rebel.


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Some sort of protein is beneficial for the hair ,its important to create a balance between protein and moisture to avoid overconditioning,normally natural hair need much less protein than relaxed/processed hair so a mild protein conditioner will do ,its not necessary to do hard core protein treatments unless you experience overconditioning (mushy,dull ,stringy ).
I use a light protein conditioner once every few weeks and the curls spring back full of life.


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i heart protein I added saa to all my natural shampoos and styling products and i regularly use komaza care's hardcore protein once a month( follow this with ao hsr, wc, or j.a.y.) and gbp at practically every wash....my hair has never felt like its needed it but i notice its helping me retain length and my hair loves loads of protein, moisture and ceramides!


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My strands are very thin. Just started using Nexxus Emergencee every two weeks. I'll see how my hair does with this.


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My natural hair only likes certain protein conditioners. Motions CPR and ORS replenishing pack, makes my hair super hard, but Aphogee 2 minute mixed with their essential oils makes my hair both moisturized and strong.


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My hair is on a strict protein schedule. I do an aphogee 2-step treatment every 6 weeks, moisture treatments the week before and after the 2-step, and aphogee 2-minute mixed with oils (typically wheat germ and coconut or avocado) the other 3 weeks. I tried going no protein the first year I was natural, and my hair was not feeling it :nono:. The more the better, as far as it's concerned. I tried doing the 2-step every 12 weeks, and using emergencee or kpak in between, but hair wasn't happy then either. Six weeks keeps her happy :yep:.


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How often do you do protein treatments?
I don't do traditional protein treatments like deep conditioning with a heavy-protein-based product. About once a month, I make a home-made, light protein pre-poo treatment consisting of eggs, mayonnaise, and olive oil. I make sure there's enough mayo so that it has the a smooth, creamy consistency and then I spread it evenly throughout my hair. I would leave in on for about half an hour and then rinse it out. My hair feels stronger but not too strong that it would dry and break off afterwards. I'm satisfied with that regimen for now. I don't want to have an accident using one of those heavy protein treatments.
How does your hair react to protein?
The light protein pre-poo that I make makes my hair feel stronger. Like I can feel it's resilience when I run my hands through it.
Are there any type of proteins that your hair like?
Well, there are those eggs soo... :D
Can you recommend any proetein free deep conditioners?
I've recently used ORS Deep Penetrating Conditioner and it feels really good! My hair feels like butter when I run a comb through it!


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Because I have so much color, protein and deep conditioning have become staples in my regimen...And my hair does well with the Apoghee 2 Step...but I only use it when necessary, which averages out to about once a month or so...


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I just did an Aphogee 2 step, and I have seen my first SSK!!!! I never saw these before!

I'm going to be making my own hair gel with Flax Seeds. There's several video's on youtube about it. It's soft protein, and there's a lot in it, and it can be used to style. I'm hoping this will solve the problem because hard protein KILLED my hair.

I have lots of very fine strands though. They probably just can't handle a treatment like that. I'm hoping less is more with my hair, because right now it's a mess!
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I love silk, soy, and wheat proteins. My Redken anti-snap has about two of the three mention, it stop my breakage and doesn't leave my hair a hot mess. I use it about every 2-3 days.

ETA: I'm not natural still transitioning, just thought I'd give my two cents.


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I have some GVP Joico K-Pak. I plan on using that in a few days. I hope this will be good for me. I haven't used a hard protein in a while. My go-to has always been Aphogee, but I don't have a hairdryer


Hi I'm Chrissy (✿◠‿◠)
iuse the ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Reconstructor before iuse any type of heat. ithink its a quick protein pick.me.up and makes my hair reeaally strong :grin:

but iover did using protein before ihad joined LHCF :perplexed my hair was breaking and falling out soo much from this moisturizer that was packed with heavy proteins :nono: glad istopped using it:grin: