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Naturals Please Help Me Right Now! Nappy Frustrations!!!!


New Member
I think some of you misunderstood what I was doing, I was not trying to slick 2-3 inches of hair into a puff, I was just trying to get it to lay down flat to put a phony bun on a comb attachment.

I have no problems with my hair or it's texture I was just venting at my frustration as we all go through, I am working with my Twa and I Love my Twa, I was just tired of the lil fro, I am sure at least 90% of naturals who start with a Twa have a hair issue at one time or another. I Thank You all for the Advice and it has been taken, I have come to realize that my hair doesn't like gels and I can't force it to do something it doesn't want to do, I just wanted a diifferent look that is all.

But I am gonna go to sally's today and get some of those Rollers that you can bend and do me a Nice rollerset. I mean I know I have poofy hair and I know I have nappy hair too, I am in no way trying to work against it. It was just something I was trying to do. I enjoy my Nappy Hair and I Love it. But even with it being 2-3 inches my hair is very thick and it is alot of it LOL!!!

But Thank You Ladies!! All Of You!!!!