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*NATURALS!* Post Pics of all Your Professional & Formal Styles!


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I do a bootleg/baby/2 years behind you version, with two ponytails twisted together.

So happy to see a polished way elegantly present my hair!



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this was a Zeta Phi Beta event (my sister is a member) right after my BC and I just threw a little eco styler in it, a flower and had my eyelashes professionally done! I felt so glam :D


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@NappyRina how did you do that style?


My hair is not long enough to put into a "regular" bun so I simply put my hair into a puff first and then grabbed random sections of hair, twirled it a little, then and used my Good Day Hair Pins on the ends (pinned upward into the hair to hide the pin) to pin each section in various directions until it all came together

It took several tries before I ended up liking it....I found that criss crossing the sections worked best....I had about 6 sections of hair total (2 on top, 2 on the sides & 2 of the bottom of my puff) ... I liked the style once I crossed the left to the right & pinned each section - vice versa ... I hope this makes sense!! :spinning:

I did something similar w/ this bun - except I pinned all the sections towards the center instead of criss crossing to give it a rounded out appearance:



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These styles are really pretty. I can't do half of them unless I blow my hair out, which I can't since I'm on a one year no heat challenge.

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Ive been curious about this because Im in the market for a job. On interviews I take my twists down and wear a low bun.

Would it be unprofessional to wear my twists in a bun or updo for an interview?


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LilMissRed it depends on the industry. I believe if it was the fashion industry or technie industry, no one would blink twice at the twists.

But in the corporate world, it may be a little different. If it was me to be on the safe side, I would probably take them down and wear a bun.