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*NATURALS!* Post Pics of all Your Professional & Formal Styles!


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I was just picking on you; your way is fine. But I couldn't reach the back the way you're thinking. You probably forgot how I took my photo. I used one hand to hold the cam in front of me and the other to pull the hair out while I looked in the mirror to make sure I was within the cam's focus and clicked. See? Not only am I stretching hair from the lowest part of my head, it's also a skinny section, so yours would probably look the same. (Duh, I just realized you've got a similar pic of pulling the back corner. Don't mind me; I obviously cannot multi-task. :hide: )

lol you have me cracking up


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I LOVE Yaya... She's one of my natural inspirations. She makes it look effortless.

BMP thanks for this thread... I'm late, I know... I'm trying to make a come back to the board.

~*~Yaya DeCosta~*~ one of the few natural ladies in hollywood


Alta Angel

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Here's an easy style that I wear to work.


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went through the entire thread this am. drooling entire time.

thanks for bumping OP or i would've missed this.

thanks for all the inspiration ladies. keep it coming ;o)


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gorgeous as always mook!

btw: were these taken at dramatically different lengths? because the loose hair updo in the first set looks soooo long.


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Here are a few pics...My version of the Southern Tease bun


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This thread is wonderful! I hope more people will come in here and contribute (hopefully some ladies with shorter hair).


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Here is what my hair looks like today. It's my very first puff!!! It looks a little wonky but I’m really pleased with it. I big chopped on 2-26-11 so today I decided to “attempt” a puff and to my surprise I got one. Nope I’m not puffalicious like some of you ladies -- so watch your backs me and my lil' puff are slowly but surely gaining on you!!:lol: Enjoy!


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Why have I never seen this thread!!! Too much beauty..drool...I need to stop hiding behind these wigs and get creative!