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Hi Ladies, and thank you for stopping by my post. I am newly natural as of approximately 3 weeks ago.

I have tried "many" products so far and the trial and error phase is killing me! My hair is presenting itself as looking very "dry and dull" after it has been air-dryed and set to style.

I co-wash my hair every day or every other, (tried several conditioners, ie. Giovanni Direct Leave-In, Herbal Essence, Suave Humectant (use this to moisturize -- fantastic!) and Garnie Fruitese Long\Strong); I even seal with a "Gloss".

But, after my hair has dried, it looks dull and dry. Actually, it looks like "Why don't she comb that mess!"..lol kindda stuff!

I bought carry-on packs where I keep my water mix; I like to call my Peppermint bang! and my Lustrasilk Shea Butter combo so that I can re-moisturize my hair during lunch hours (which makes twice a day)-- yet I am still not getting the results that I want.

I don't do the gel thing...it does NOTHING FOR ME! Both IC and Aloe Vera.

I was thinking of KCCC and would like your opinions on it. I have 4...hair type. More like 4 a/b -- very tight -- cork screw - pencil lead curls..man!

Ladie, when I tell you that I have gotten EXTREME growth for 3 weeks...whew! I have got growth! I am trying to hold to until 6 months down the line so that I can see progress before straigthening, etc.. Besides, I am in Houston and it is HOT~HOT~HOT right now...so my hair and scalp both are thanking me every time it feels water...:lachen:

Your reviews on some good moisturize\shine products for natural 4a/b hair please...


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Sounds like you need to use Emollients (sp?) I had the same issue when I chopped off my hair. Do you use any oils? I use jojba oil, vegtable glycerine and water. I put it in a spray bottle and spray my hair. Now my hair always stays moisturized.


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When I seal, my hair is shinier after drying -- but I don't seal often, since I am not worried about my hair being particularly shiny and my hair has been doing just fine without another layer of "stuff" on it. I also noticed that it has something to do with the thickness of my strands...the curls on the right side of my head next to my ear are always shiny and soft regardless, even though they are just as 3c/4a as everything else on my head.


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KCCC allegedly doesn't play well with others, meaning it doesn't like oils or things like that in the hair. I'm 4a/b--primarily a--and I cowash, put Giovanni Direct in, an oil blend, and then my KCCC. I'm more heavy-handed than others would suggest, but my hair can take a lot of a lot. I do find that my hair shines more when I use it, other gels haven't worked AT ALL for me, no definition, shine, anything. Depending on your hair type though, it may or may not help. The 4b patch of my hair rejects KCCC and anything else that purports to give definition. It just looks like a pretty cotton ball cushioned by happy spoingy little curls. I'd get irritated with it if I wasn't in love with my hair, but since I am, se la vie. What exactly is in your water mix and shea butter combo?


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When you do you co-wash you can also ad a little olive oil and honey I find that that helps with moisture. As well as sealing with coconut oil that helps with keeping in moisture so my hair feels soft through out the day.


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Sounds like you need to use Emollients (sp?) I had the same issue when I chopped off my hair. Do you use any oils? I use jojba oil, vegtable glycerine and water. I put it in a spray bottle and spray my hair. Now my hair always stays moisturized.

Same here. My hair got really dry a few weeks ago, and I couldn't figure out what was going on. Then I realized that I'd gotten lazy with using my moisture spritz. I went back to spraying nightly, and sealing with either Black castor oil or shealoe butter, and the problem corrected itself instantly.

I use a mix of rosewater, organic aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerin, rosemary EO, and an awesome Protein Hair Mist that I buy online. My 4b natural hair loves it, and it works better than any store-bought moisturizer.


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Thanks Ladies for all your suggestions. Yes, I use oil -- no I don't use honey (it makes my hair collapse). No I haven't tried Castor Oil (definitely will be buying this...). And, no I have not tried Emollients.

You all have given some great suggestion. I love being newly natural, but getting your reggie down is tough sometimes... *whew*


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The previous posters have given some awesome suggestions. About the only thing that I didn't see was my beloved Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. :yep: I think if you try a combination of any of the aforementioned, esp. with the addition of honey (maybe you could try a honey and olive oil rinse) you should start to see improvement fairly quickly.

Congrats on becoming natural fellow Houstonian and HHG! :grin:


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Jane Carter Nourish & Shine works wonderfully for adding shine to my dd's hair. It's never looked this nice and "sheeny" before and a little goes a long way. First I spray her hair with a spray moisturizer and top with N&S. She has MBL hair and I only need about a pea size amount on each section of her hair (I part her hair into about 8-10 sections when moisturizing) She's a natural 4a. HTH!