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New Fotki


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Hello Ladies,

I have been a memeber for some time now, however never had pictures. I finally got a camera a few months ago. Today I finally understand how to create a fotki and post pictures, it was a task, actually a mission. Thanks to all the ladies that helped, which was only a hand full, but I forgive you all-well kinda :wallbash:

Please feel free to view my fotki-If there are any problems or glitches please let me know. I want to have the bugs worked out. There should be a pass code in my profile.

I know i'm not a hair idol and I'm not trying to be one. However I hope you enjoy the pictures. I want to grow my hair long and realy helathy and strong. I posted these picture so that I can do some comparison shots as I continue my hair journey. I'm a part of the Ovation/ Mega Tek challange, and please no haters :drunk:
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Seems like more ladies are on line now....Does anyone want to view my fotki:blush:

It's just a start-come take a peek please:blush:


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that's a great start...i also just started my fotki..i'm about to add you as a friend if you don't mind! my pw is in my profile:grin: