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New Hair care plan


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I have collected many posts over the last couple of months and talked to many of my friends with long hair to come up with a basic plan. I don't plan on starting this until January because I don't have the energy to spend on my hair right now because I am trying to recover from a couple of health conditions caused by not eating enough and I think my time and energy is needed there the most. I also am looking for another shampoo and conditioner to alternate with my keracare stuff. But here it goes.

Wash three times a week. Preshampoo treatments with jojoba oil and my own essential oil mixture everytime I wash for 30 mintues to and hour. Condition under a dryer for 30 mintues every wash. Use a protien conditioner every week for 15 mintues and follow with the moisturizing one for 30. Apply leave-in and setting lotion and wrap. Dry under the dryer. Sometimes I will air dry under a silk scarf. Daily moisturizers will be Wild growth oil and pure jojoba oil. To style I will use rollers or flat iron but only 2-3 times a week on low heat.

As far as vitamins I am going to take a multi-vitamin and 3mg of biotin by purtians pride, a total efa complex(when I find a good one), silica by natrol and twinlad amino fuel. I might try to add MSM.

So what do you all think? Your suggestions would be helpful! /images/graemlins/grin.gif


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Sounds good. The pre shampoo you might want to keep to 30 minutes...to cut back on the amount of time you will be spending. Also I find wetting my hair before I apply the oils helps them penetrate. Your plan sounds like it should work well for you.


Sounds like a very extensive plan!!! Hope it doesn't tire you out, girl! If I were you, I'd stay away from those flat irons & curling irons, even if they are on low setting, my feeling is 2 or 3x a week is too much. I hate them, so even once a week is too much in my opinion /images/graemlins/frown.gif


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Hey Dionne, sounds pretty good! I would just think carefully about the 3 washes per week if your weather is anything like mine -- it's going to be freezing here at that time, so I won't be doing more than twice a week. Otherwise, it sounds like a great plan!!!

(ps, l'm hoping you meant flat-ironing 2-3 times per "month" -- as in alternating with different styling techniques; if not, please reconsider.)


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Thumbs up for your daily moisturizers.

This week I have been using a mixture of WGO and jojoba on my hair and I like it. It is not heavy and it really penetrates the hair and scalp. I have put it on before and after showering and am trying to figure out which gives the best results.

Thanks for posting your plan.


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Hi Dionne, first thank you for sharing your regimen idea with us! I think yours sounds fine but I agree, I would cut the washing to 2 times a week at the most. Good Luck and keep us posted of your progress overall.
Take care of yourself! /images/graemlins/grin.gif


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Thanks everyone for your comments and support
I have been looking for products to use and I think my lines will be Elucence and keracare. I have also been looking into the biosilk stuff and I might try some of that stuff too. I am also going to try the goldwell kerasilk leave-in spray and joico integrity(sp?) spray. Thats it for now (I think). Thanks again.