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Request New Hair Loss Sub-forum


God's Own
@beverly - You may already seen the voting thread, Separate Forum Dedicate to Hair Loss and Treatments. (link below) I created the thread to inquire if members would be interesting in having a separate hair loss sub-forum. I thought it prudent to canvas for interest before submitting a request to you. The voting thread expires January 1st, as I think that is ample time to assess interest. As you will see in the thread 92% of the members who chose to vote, voted to have the sub-forum. Of course I don't know what percentage of active members the number represents, but I am hopeful it is sufficient justification.

This post is a heads up that a request will be coming for a Hair Loss Sub-forum and allow you an opportunity to review the thread before making a decision. I realize that there is still a lot of ongoing work with the upgrade, however I hope a new sub-forum is achievable.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Link to Separate Forum Dedicate to Hair Loss and Treatments Voting Thread: