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New hair typing system created today


Pineapple Eating Unicorn
No crowns for 1s and 2s? Are they tiaras then?

This is not a new system, just different using different feel good terms for the categories. I've long postulated that most people know good and well where they fall on Andre's scale. Some just don't like it which is why keep seeing these alternatives that are essentially the exact same.


NYE side boob.
The only thing that I like here is making 4c hair the gold standard :yep:

it’s been obvious to me for a few years now that Dee from Nappturality was a seer. She predicted that if we didn’t center type 4, kinky hair in the natural hair movement, it would be pushed to the margins. So I guess I do like how placing 4c hair at the top of the precious metal metaphor is an attempt to do that.