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New User says hello**warning kind of long**


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So I have been checking out LHCF for years but never purchased the actual account I guess that 6 or 7 bucks was such a big deal back then for a broke college student :blush:.

Anywho, I had MBL natural hair growing up, I guess I was heat trained. I'd wash my hair once a month with sulfate shampoo and do a vinegar rinse, air dry in braids/bandu knots then press it. We grew up knowing to test the pressing comb on a paper towel so I never did really burn my hair unless I was being careless. Never went outside with natural hair. Oh and I used to grease my scalp and braid/roll my hair nightly.

In college I got a relaxer for about a year and my hair pretty much fell out. Looking back it was because I never took care of it. I mean I thought having a relaxer meant I was "white" and could sleep on my hair, wash it with sulfate shampoo whenever I felt like it, blow dry it and flat iron it daily. :nono: Then I wanted light brown hair too smh. I honestly don't know what I was thinking. I just wasn't worried about my hair and wondered why it was falling out. For a while I blamed the relaxer instead of realizing what I was doing wrong. No one in my family has relaxers and said they were the devil. In retrospect, I see that I didn't know how to properly care for my hair with a relaxer and so everything just went to hell.:ohwell:

After a year of that I went back to natural which for me was letting the relaxer grow out. Like others have said eventually you cut the ends or they fall out. Four years later and thanks to the humidity I decided to texlax twice a year. For me that keeps my hair straight when I want it straight and its a little easier to manage. I buy a kiddie mild relaxer and leave it on for a total of five mins. I don't comb it through, just lay it on the new growth real quick. When I would relax for real 8 mins+combing=hair bone straight. Now its just a tiny bit looser but it doesn't revert in humidity has bad.

I need help with a regimen. Its not always this cookie cutter but so it makes sense:

Week 1-prepoo with EVOO, sulfate wash, apho 2 min, deep condition. Straighten hair. trim/dust ends. Wear hair straight (as weather permits)

Week 2-no heat waves &curls and pony tails as long as I can keep it going

Week 3 &4-co wash, braid and air dry over night then buns for the week.

Wash n goes don't work for me mainly bc I don't like the time it takes for my hair to dry and all the product. I have to wet my hair every morning or it will look terrible. Plus I found keeping my hair stretched helps with tangles.

My hair is 3c/4a depending on who is doing the typing. In the middle/crown area my hair is way coarser. I have been babying the crown area because for a while I was experiencing breakage. I think I was just too rough and neglecting it.

I know my pic is small I am going to try to upload a new one once I straighten my hair next week. I would like to be MBL again in a year and my goal is WL. Oh and I dye my hair with a black rinse every couple of months.

Questions-Any ideas what I can do/use when I am bunning?I tried slicking my edges (when bunning) with various products but nothing works like eco styler gel for me. I never had breakage with the gel but it does get flaky and hard after three to four days. I usually have to wash it out, co washing doesnt always work.

What length am I? SL or APL? I guess the new pics will help...

Thanks ladies for the help!! I am excited to finally be a member haha.


Hi and welcome!:) can't see any pics yet but I like puttyful! Its like a gel but not really a gel made by hydroquench. Its on etsy.com and it leaves my hair nice not hard or crunchy or flaky so maybe that will be some good hold for your bunning.


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I added an attachment. I thought you could see my pic from my profile...still trying to figure this website out.

Anyways thanks for the reply. I will look into that product, let me know if you can see my pic!


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lol I forgot about stretching it. I need to have a friend take a pic, I don't know how you ladies hold the phone and get it so perfect haha. Come this weekend I will take new pics and try to make them bigger. Thank so much!


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:welcome3:. Hi SunBliss. Your 'v' looks very close to APL to me. You may want to check out the APL 2012 challenge thread. The ladies in there are very knowledgeable and supportive.


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your hair definitely looks about APL maybe a lil above ... (Im sure stretched its APL)
Im sure some ladies will come in to help you with your reggie ... or in the mean time you could try searching threads to find some helpful info :yep:


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Welcome to the forum! :)

You look to be APL to me. Also, I wish I could give you help with your regimen. I've never been good at a formalized process for doing my hair. The most beneficial thing I learned over the years was how to recognize what my hair is like in its normal, healthy state. And whenever it deviates from that figuring out what the culprit was and how to correct it.

Also regarding bunning, I usually prefer the "scarf method" to lay my edges down (allowing the pressure from the scarf to lay down my edges). I prefer not to use gel. When I do use it, I typically can only wear the style for 2-3 days before I need to wash my hair.


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Thanks for the welcome ladies! I will put up some better pics later this week and stretch a part of my hair haha. I do have bangs and layers growing out from my most recent cut. Usually once my hair gets past SL I would get bored with that in between stage and cut it.

I don't feel to comfortable with the pics in just a bra, I don't think yall want to see all that :nono: so I might invest in one of those shirts with the inches/lines to check growth. Anyone have one?