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Newbie Group Support Challenge 2010 - SECTION B


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Hello Ladies!!

This challenge is designed to help newbies reach short term goals to lead up to them acheiving their long-term goals. This will also help us veterans of LHCF stay motivated with our HHJs...as we also get discouraged:yep::yep:

I figured that if we help out the newbies, it will also help us out. And it feels good to help others. So let's get together to help one another! And plus...since we'll be split up into groups...there will always be someone to give you a boost along the way.

Here's How It Works:
I need 8 captains....I will be one myself.

I need Captains and Co-Captains for the following:
- Relaxed Fine Hair (including Fine/Medium)
- Relaxed Coarse Hair (including Medium/Coarse)
- Texlaxed Fine Hair (including Fine/Medium)
- Texlaxed Coarse Hair (including Fine/Medium)
- Transitioning Fine Hair (including Fine/Medium)
- Transitioning Coarse Hair (including Fine/Medium)
- Natural Fine Hair (including Fine/Medium)
- Natural Coarse (including Fine/Medium)

Newbies: How to Determine if you have Fine, Medium or Coarse/Thick Hair
Fine hair texture is very, very small in diameter, and tends to be weightless and flyaway. Frequently, it's quite straight and won't hold a curl easily. Fine hair generally takes chemical processes easily, but care must be taken in using perms, relaxers and other treatments. Due to the fine texture, this hair type is easily over-processed. Careful timing is essential to avoid over-processed, damaged hair.
If your hair is not flyaway, or thick and coarse, it is a Medium Hair Texture. This is sometimes referred to as "normal" texture. If this describes your hair, you should consider yourself lucky, as your hair texture is the most common and most manageable. This hair type is also the easiest to process. Medium hair tends to take perms and relaxers equally well.

Coarse hair texture has a thick diameter, and often feels rough. It is much thicker and stronger than fine or medium/normal hair. Coarse hair is the strongest hair texture. This strength is a good thing, unless you are trying to use a chemical process, such as a perm or relaxer. Strong, coarse hair is also the most difficult to process. If you have coarse hair, you may find that it doesn't always take a perm well, or more frequent perming is necessary. It is also often dry and brittle, due to an overabundance of protein. Products with a lot of protein should be avoided in favor of those with humectants and emollients.

To Be a Captain:king::
-You Have to have been a member of the board for over a year
-You must have at least 350 posts
Each Captain can have up to 10 members within their group....BUT...
-You ALL must have similar hair (ex. relaxed relaxed heads, naturals with naturals and so forth)
-You must list your group's agreed consequence for skipping out on any regimen steps.
-You must pm me to request to be a captain.

*To the Ones I Choose as Captains*
-You must post the name of your group
-You must list your groups hair similarity (ex. Relaxed but fine hair...etc)
-Every quarter you must list your members short term goal
-You must list your members long-term goals
-Only positive feedback to your members...if you disagree on something...be nice about your disagreement.
-After every quarter you must post your groups progress and have your members post any progress pics they have.

All challengers may use pm'ing or profile messaging or this challenge thread to communicate among one another.

At the end of the last quarter there will be a poll and we will all vote for who we think had outstanding progress in their group overall.

Sign up for Captains will be from now until Saturday October 25th.

Sign up for challengers will be from Now until November 15th. (This way we can work out all our nooks and cranies) I am limiting this to at the maximum 40 challengers in all....if we have left out a group...please pm me so that all hair types can be part of the challenge.

The challenge will start January 1, 2010. (So we can have our products and group regimens ready)

Any other questions can be added here to the challenge...as this is the official challenge thread for Section B.

Come On Ya'll!!! Let's Reach Our Goals!!
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Ladies..I am still looking for captains and will most likely start a separate thread. However, until then I do not want you to think you are being ignored. Therefore, I will keep a running tally of who all has sent me a PM and for which group you will be included.

Thank you for your patience divas. Here is the list thus far:

Relaxed Fine/Medium Hair – GodPromises (Co-Captain)
Prisangela - Fine/Medium
Evo-ny – Fine
Prettyw/Pink - Medium

Relaxed Coarse/Medium Hair – JerseyGurl (Captain) and hillytmj (Co-Captain)
xquisitduchess - Coarse
yardgirl - Please send me a pm with your hair texture type!!
zphiblady - Coarse
Belizean - Coarse
questionable - Coarse
bimtheduck – Coarse
ms.aiken01 - Coarse

MzSophisticated26 - Fine
glamchick84 - Fine
Thick&Fine - Medium/Fine
NappyGoddesse - Medium
newbiemom - Coarse
tressajalen - Medium/Coarse
MsElise - Fine

Nadia13 - Medium/Coarse
Damaged_but_not_out - Fine/Medium
Diva Esq - Medium/Coarse
Giggletush - Fine/Medium
CherieMarie - Coarse
jamoca5 - Medium/Coarse

Natural Coarse/Medium Hair – Charzboss (Captain)
JusticeFighter1913 - Coarse
carameldelight87 - Coarse
NFocus - Medium/Coarse
TwistedTreat - Coarse
Letta - Coarse
Nappy_in_the_City - Coarse
Nela21 - Coarse
scotchbonnet - Coarse
soude – Coarse
Stacy The Lady
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I sent you a PM and based on your description of fine. medium and coarse hair types, I would say that my hair is of medium type. I don't mind being a captain or co-captain.


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By January 2010 I'll be totally relaxed/texlaxed then I'll take a new pic and hopefully join a challenge.:click::Flahsssss

I have fine hair but it's pretty resilient (that's the reason most of my hair is texlaxed):lol:


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I'd like to join as well! I'm transitioning, and I think I'm fine/medium. I plan to transition for a while before I BC, and need all the help I can get. Thanks for this by the way :)


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Thanks for putting me down...."you like me you like me you really really like me".............lets hope that I'm right about my hair type....since I am in braid extensions right now...I might be more in the medium/coarse hair type section with some fine ends.......can you tell i'm quite confused? Cant wait for JANUARY!!


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i cant wait lord knows i need all the help i can get.2010 will be a great year!!!!!!!!!. i believe i have medium/coarse hair and i am relaxed. My hair takes to perms fine but the strands are really thick and it feels coarse.


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Hey!!! I'm a Newbie, and I would love to join. =)

Currently, I'm transitioning, so I'm still not sure what my hair type is. I'll just go with Medium/Coarse. Can't wait till January!


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Another newbie here! First post and everything!

I'd love to be in the challenge, I haven't even found a regimen yet! :blush: I fall in the "super fine and bone dry" category right now. :(


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Newbie here and would love to join! I've just sent a PM. I am natural with coarse hair.

I recently big chopped after 9 years of locs. I now have a TWA and I am hoping to get my new hair game on!


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I don't qualify, I joined in November!

I didn't notice that part. Just saw the number of post! Dang girlie!! :grin:

ETA: Doesn't start until January 1, 2009 so you would qualify actually if you were interested!
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I have received all of your pm's and I have gone through the thread. I should have everyone's name posted on page one post 2! It is easier to do that than to respond to each pm! I will posting the list of Captains that we have so far on Friday, October 9th.

FYI, as of right now there is one more spot for Natural Coarse/Thick Hair before that team is full.

Thank you everyone for signing up.


I thought I sent you a PM but it turns out I didn't. I want that natural coarse spot. That's so me!
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