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Newbie Group Support Challenge 2010 - SECTION B


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Hello Ladies!

I'd like to join texlaxed fine! Suffered a setback since coming back to NJ so a challenge will do me good!


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Hello Section B Ladies!!! :wave:

How ya doin'? This is the General of Section A!!! Jus thought i drop by!!! We gon have fun next yr ya'll!!

Stacy TheLady

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i wld love to join, am natural but i dnt knw if its fine or medium. can the group leader for Natural pls check my fotki and give me a response. thanks much...so excited!


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:hiya: I would really, really like to join this challenge!
I'm relaxed 4a(ish?) with medium texture...
pla add me to the challenge, I just got my subscription 2day and I'm totally new at thins hair care thing

I'm relaxed medium/coarse hair but I'll be transitioning to texlaxed
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Hey yall! Just joined like 2 days ago. So my goals are a little scattered not sure which group to join

Currently permed/have highlighted hair. Would say its relaxed fine/medium hair

Not sure bout the 4a etc I think of hair color?

I'm thinking now of becoming a stretcher and having mixed feelings of growing out the perm completely

My goal would be bsl or apl. I would love mbl

Do not currently have pics but my hair was cut into a short bob a few months ago. One side above my ear. Other side to my chin. I am going to grow it out. Will see stylist to color next week and work on growin out.

Also tryna figure out product selection.

HELP me find a group!


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Me, me, me! :D I would love to be a part of this. I am relaxed 4b (I think) very thick hair when natural, and when relaxed I have lots of fullness. Right now my hair is longer than my gravatar, it's still at nape length. Seems to grow out more than down so right now I have a full head of hair with little length. I started self relaxing in August because where I live now it is damn near impossible to find a good stylist (I have tried 3 already) and I've recently been wearing wigs with my hair braided underneath. I need help bad!



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I am interested in joining. I am new to this website and need all the help I can get in growing long beautiful hair. I believe I am texlaxed coarse. I just had my hair done 10/16/09. I will send pictures soon.


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I want to be a challenger I have fine relaxed hair. I am growing my hair out from a short cut. My short turn goal is neck length and my long term goal is apl. I just started my hhj on 10/19/09. I just wear my hair wrapped all day since I am currently not working. I am trying to keep my hands out of my hair.
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