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Newbie Group Support Challenge 2010 - SECTION B


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Hey ladies! :) I know my hair isn't crazy long like some of the ladies on this board, but I BC'ed to 2 inches in the front and .25 inches in the back and sides last November.

I look forward to getting to know all of yall. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Also if you are unsure about hair products my youtube link is in my siggy.

My Stats:

I am a medium textured natural primarily 4a with a little bit of 4b on the sides and 3c on my crown btw.
I am SL in the back, NL at the crown and CL in the front.

See yah!

Natural Coarse/Medium Hair – Charzboss (Captain)
JusticeFighter1913 - Coarse
carameldelight87 - Coarse
NFocus - Medium/Coarse
TwistedTreat - Coarse
Letta - Coarse
Nappy_in_the_City - Coarse
Nela21 - Coarse
scotchbonnet - Coarse
soude – Coarse
Stacy The Lady

Time to start!:drunk:


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I would also love to join. I have natural fine/medium hair. I'm working on setting up a fotki and stats by tomorrow.


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NATURAL FINE/MEDIUM Just a quick question....Is there is a captain for the natural fine/medium ladies in section B? If so can someone let me know...but if not let me know too...i'm part of section A but we havent heard from Fyb87 so a few ladies and I decided to continue with supporting each other...

I just want to make sure I let any ladies on here who are newbies or not newbies but are still feeling that need to be in a group of SUPPORTIVE NATURALS WITH EITHER FINE OR MEDIUM HAIR then PM me.....the other ladies and I will be trying to get a thread together soon....Have a happy and healthy HAIR journey!!!!