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Newbie Group Support Challenge 2010


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Other ladies who have contacted me, please join Section B. Good luck to all of us!


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Hi Everyone,
I've lurked long enough. I decided to give myself a birthday present and join today. I definitely need this challenge. I have 4b(z)relaxed hair that is about ear length. I want to get back to at least a healthy shoulder length, but would love to be armpit lenght and healthy.


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The only group who is open is Fyb87 and she has natural fine hair....only one spot so far....all other applicants...you are to go to Section B.

Thank You for your patience and interest as we get this thing together!! :hug2:


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....:( Is it too late to join? Relaxed 4b barely neck length (avatar pic is really old) and it's very full. I am currently living somewhere where stylists aren't really available and I've started self-relaxing in August.

...I need guidance! :)


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Hey yall! Just joined like 2 days ago. So my goals are a little scattered not sure which group to join

Currently permed/have highlighted hair. Would say its more thin than thick

Not sure bout the 4a etc I think of hair color?

I'm thinking now of becoming a stretcher and having mixed feelings of growing out the perm completely

My goal would be bsl or apl. I would love mbl

Do not currently have pics but my hair was cut into a short bob a few months ago. One side above my ear. Other side to my chin. I am going to grow it out. Will see stylist to color next week and work on growin out.

Also tryna figure out product selection.

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Okay ladies...so after suffering a mental :twister:

and still coming out of it.....

My mind is back on the challenge for next year!!! WOO HOO!!!

Captains...at this time we can start conversing with our members about what products they most likely need to start taking care of their hair come January:yep:

So...i actually have a notebook to help me stay on track with this challenge for next year when i'm not on the internet:grin:

In December....all captains will have consultations with their members about what they do to their hair and what they should tweak:yep:

This way when we start in January...we can go through the year working on health and/or length goals....i'm aware that not everybody wants waistlength hair, some ladies just want healthy hair and i'm ready to help BOTH ways with my team!!

Oh yeah, captains....for added fun...you and your team can come up with a group name....(ex. RelaxingDivas, Naturaliscious, FinenShine....somethin to that effect) and you can also have any willing members of your team come up with a cute team logo that can be placed in your siggies:yep::yep:...but all the members must use the same logo of the team so its clear which team you belong to. Just thought that would be nice....but have your team all agree on one name.

Hope all is going well with all :hug2:

Keep it rockin!!!