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Newbie here!!


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Hello Everyone! I'm a newbie here but I've been lurking for a little over two months. As soon as I found this site I emediately started taking better care of my hair! I can honestly say that I was one of those who believed that black hair couldnt grow. unless you was mixed with something or was born with a better grade of hair. But after discovering this website and seeing all the wonderful progress you women have recieved. I am convince that black hair can grow!! I will give anything to have long strong healthy beautiful hair! Pleeeese ladies help me get there!!!

before discovering LHCF, I have never ever deep conditioned, used a hot oil treatment, trimmed my ends, or even washed my hair unless i was getting a relaxer. I usually didnt do anything to my hair because from age 14 I started wearing glue in weaves that became my life!

Its been about 2 1/2 months since I discovered LHCF. and I've already started putting a lot of the good things I've learned here to use.

Here is what I've been doing to my hair....

once or twice a week I wash and deep condition with Oraganic Root Salon from the makers of organic root stimulator's Olive Oil Professional Neutralizing Shampoo and Replenishing Conditioner.
I try to do hot oil treatments as often as possible.
I do egg treatments for protien like every month.
sometime I do beer rinses (my sister who as great lovely hair used 2 do this) I was moisturizing with Cantu daily shea butter moisturizer, but its a bit oily. so 2 days ago I bought some new moisturizing products, Bioinfusion olive oil leave in conditioner and HollyWood Beauty Olive oil cream for dry Hair. I Luvs the Olive oil cream. I use Wild hair growth oil for my scaps and sometimes my hair. I really luv WHGO! I use Castor oil sometimes. its a bit too thick! and My favorite oil for the hair is Vatika! I usually use it for sealing in moisture.
I also tried the MN for like 1 1/2 months I think it really works!!
I mixed it with Wild hair growth oil and sulfur 8.
I want to try to stretch my relaxers for as long as possible but 2 days ago I just got tempted to relax! my new growth was out of control!

I reaxed with a touch up kit.(my new growth only)
I took pictures of my hair in Mid june and I took some 2 days ago. I will try posting them.

I have really damaged ends that are split and over-processed. I know that I have to cut them but I just cant bring myself to do it!! I really just want to wait until I get a little longer before I get them cut. If i cut them now I will probably feel discouraged because I will have an even longer way to go!
I've been taking really good care of them lately and they are not dry anymore. I just hope I will be able to retain legnth without getting the damage cut off!

My first goal is to make it to full shoulder length! That would be a very big step for me considering I've never in my life even been pass collar bone length! and for the past years I've been stuck at neck length!!

I'm looking forward to this Journey!! should be interesting! I'm here to learn! And most of all I'm here to grow me some Hurr!!!

All advice is greatly welcomed!!! Cant wait to hear from you ladies!! Ask all the questions you want!
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Thanks alot ladies!!! I know my message was pretty of long.. but if anyone could take the time to comment or give thoughts that would be appreciated!!


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Hi, I'm also a newbie! I've been lurking for two years because I was too cheap too pay! LOL. I'm happy to finally be able to join the fun!


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Hey girlie!:hiya:

Welcome to the LCHF. I see you relax with a kit. BE CAREFUL with those, make sure you mix really well and wash it out with high water pressure. I know it is hard to wait to relax, just try braiding you hair. Braiding will help keep that new growth under control. Glad to have you here!


Here's a tip: Don't become overwhelmed by reading every thread that's posted. There's way too much information here. Just stick to the ones that apply to you, and keep a simple regimen. It's hard not to become a "product junkie."