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NEWBIE MANUAL: Links to Useful/Important Threads


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Something happened to the other thread...so here's a new one. These are all the links that I find important, though there are many more out there. But these should help you get started (if you're a newbie) or brush up on your haircare knowledge (if you're a veteran).

Favorite threads/stickies
Newcomer's guide to starting out
Regimen Building for Newbies

Mane and Chic 101-Beginner's Guide to Hair

Now that you've learned a little something, you're probably itching to go buy some new shiny products. STOP. Sit down. Read this first!

Hair Breakage 101
Doing Everything Right and Your Hair is Still Breaking

Protein/Moisture Balance
To Clear the Air About Protein
Protein in the Ingredients Does Not Necessarily Mean it's a Protein Conditioner

Why do a lot of hydrating products have keratin protein in them?
Please please please read the articles on protein!

Gymfreak's Porosity Blog Series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
CurlChemist:porosity and Curly Hair
Porosity: The Forgotten Step
Porosity: The Uses of Baking Soda and ACV

What is a cowash?
Prepoo vs. Cowash vs. DC
Definition of Deep Condition
Not All Conditioners Can Deep Condition!!!
Dr. Ali Syed (Chemist): The Right Way to Condition Series
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

How do you moisturize/seal?
How do you moisturize?

How often do you moisturize?
What is the best, most moisturizing natural oil?

Ayurveda Support Thread
Do y'all henna?
A new henna thread

Braids 101
New to weaves, here are some definite don'ts!



Best pics of relaxed heads.

Lye V. No Lye, Protein v. Ceramides (Everyone should read this, relaxed or not).


Inspiration (for natural & relaxed): Waistlength & Beyond: Names and Regimens
Blogs (These are just the ones I could remember off the top of my head and definitely not a full list.)

If there are other links, please please add them to this thread. That way we can have it all in one place!

Happy Hair Growing!
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I meant to add some links about shedding, since that's a common issue here on LHCF. Depending on what you read, humans shed 25-150 hairs per day. So if you find that after not coming for a few days or having a protective style in for a month that you end up with a lot of hair coming out when you detangle, it's actually not a big deal. It's healthy and it's normal.

A good explanation of hair...and the telogen phase (shedding phase):

Hair Care. Shedding or breakage? Understanding the difference.

Embrace your shedding! (this thread is tailored toward those who are using "growth aids").
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this is awesome
a lot to absorb for a newbie, all of this info needs to be read and reread
thanks so much msa for taking the time to put this together!!!!
you are always super helpful.


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Thank you MSA! I just spent an hour trying to find links and archived threads. You read my mind.:yep: