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Newbie question


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Hello ladies,

I'm a newbie and had a couple of questions. I pretty much have 2A hair (Chilli from TLC is a good visual). My goal is to grow my another 6-10 inches. I noticed a lot of you all use biotin...can you explain to me what that does?? Thanks in advance!


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Here's a bried synopsis of biotion from about.com:

Water Soluble

Forms / Names
Vitamin H and Coenzyme R

Coenzyme in energy metabolism, glycogen and fat synthesis

Loss of appetite, nausea, depression, muscle pain, hair thinning, weakness, fatigue, rash, loss of hair, hallucinations

None known

Recommended Intakes
Estimated Safe and Adequate Intake:
30-100 µg/day for adults
30 µg/d for children ages 7-10 years
25 µg/d for children 4-6 years
20 µg/d for children 1-3 years
15 µg/d for children six months to 1 year
10 µg/d for infants birth to six months

Food Sources
Widespread in foods
When you start using biotin, start of by using the smallest dosage because a number of people have a reaction from it. You can also take evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, MSM, gelatin, natural vitamin E, and silica to aid in hair growth. But remember start off slow so you wouldn't have any adverse reation.


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Hi Babygirl! Do a search on biotin, cause there are many good threads on the use of biotin and other supplements.


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Hello everyone! Thanks for the welcomes. I'll definitely browse around and see if I can come up with a regime for hair growth with the use of biotin! See ya around the board!!