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Newbie starting point - seeking advice


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Newbie starting point....Where should I start re REGIMEN? I'm relaxed and moving to using Phytorelaxers soon. I have a revostyler, flat iron, hooded hair dryer, combs. I am stopping the use of the Revostyler as it causes many split ends. I have magnetic hair rollers but considering purchasing steam rollers and a steamer. Is it worth it? Or using a hot towel and occasional flat iron better? I have been using Shima Hair Products which are not for me. I want to save my hair and grow it. My hair is 11 weeks post relaxer at present. My hair feels very dry after a recent BAD hair dye. I don't know how to braid. I have been doing hair twists like this one:
(Without the extra hair pieces coming out and tightening the hair more on twisting)
I plan to purchase liquid vitamins as well as I find tablets challenging to swallow. I can crush them if need be or purchase capsules.
The pictures below are recent and the night after airdrying. I had added Rosehip Oil last night but the oil is remaining on the shaft as opposed to soaking in and the hair feels hard/dry mainly at the new growth but also on the older hair.

Please advise. I want to regain self respect. Should I start by relaxing this weekend?


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Welcome Newbie!!!

Hopefully I can help answer some of your questions.

I've never used a steamer, but I have heard great things about them. There is a newbie thread and a thread that I think is called 101 thread. They are very helpful on learning about building a reggie, hair types, Moisture and Protein balances etc...

For your relaxer are you going to the salon or doing it yourself? When did you dye your hair? Was it permanent?


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Hi Pelo, I used a new Hair dye for Women of Color (Texture and Tones) about 2 weeks ago. Secondly, would be doing the relaxer at home a la help de mon beau mari (my dear husband!) I usually have used Kiddy Kits and more recently Dark and Lovely for Children. As my hair is breaking and dry, is a relaxer the answer? Just read an article by Sistaslick on preparing for relaxing. It HAS been 11 weeks though. I'm wondering whether chopping the thin parts off would help or is it better to keep the hair as I progressively improve on my hair care? Thanks


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Thanks, I've been reading all right! Have picked up on several things..
1. Don't shampoo regularly
2. Cowash about 1-3x per week
3. Protein condition at least once a month at the start
4. Moisturize condition/DC regularly
5. Leave IN conditioners are a must
6. Moisturize with water based moiturizers and Seal with Oil
7. ACV if no Porosity Controller or lowering PH (below 7)
8. Take a multivitamin
9. Eat properly (and Drink at least half your body weight in pounds)
10. PS
11. Relax (hair) infrequently
12. Clarify hair at least once a month.
13. Use heat protectant when using heat (hopefully minimally)
14. Steam hair as opposed to Dry heat hair. Blow dry rarely or never.
15. Consume oils as well - like fish oil, walnut oil, grapeseed oil at least once a day.

There are more bits floating in my mind but I think this is a good start?

I plan to purchase Keratase products tomorrow. :) Going to delay relaxing my hair.
I find using rollers and flat irons (after air drying) on occasion are best for me at this stage. Will evaluate as time goes on. I believe revostyling, lack of moisture control/protein and permanent hair dye as opposed to hair rinse haven't helped.

We soldier on anyway:)


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Welcome, welcome :grin: You came to the right place and on your way to a HHGJ (Happy Hair Growing Journey)

My personal thought.... I think due to the over processing of your hair (perm, color, magnetic rollers = a lot of manipulation) you should give your hair a breather for a few months. I would do cornrows and wear a wig for a while or sew-in. This way you can give it a break and let it naturally heal. Or, another idea is BC (big chop) and go natural :yep:

Discipline and patients is key to healthy hair.