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No Combing


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Can I tell you ladies how much I love not combing my hair. This is the best thing I've ever done.

Thank you all for suggesting it. At first I thought "NEVER ME" but so many of my hair idols were doing it (Sylver and Isis :grin: ) and I love it.

Not only am I retaining a whole lot more length but I have fallen in love with my styles.

Less manipulation resulted in my hairline and nape, growing so much longer. I moisturize in the morning and put in my usual pins and since I dont comb it means my hair has some slight curl to it. So now I have these cute wisps at my nape and beside my ears.
I popped in my dangle thai gold earrings and I am just rocking it this morning. I cant stop looking at myself. I wish I had a camera.

Oh and I am 4 weeks post relaxer so my roots are nappy (thanks to my MN experiment) but that enhances the look. I even applied some make up - and I usually dont do that for work.

I love my hair :yay:


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About one week after I stopped daily combing/detangling my hair stopped breaking. I might find one 1-inch long broken hair for every 100 shedded hairs. Yay! APL here I come.