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Nov 19 - 26 What Are Your Weekly Hair Plans?


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Hello Hair Enthusiasts! :wave:

I am "Thankful" for each and Every one of you as we gather to share our Hairstory Weekly and walk through this Healthy Hair Journey together!:grouphug:

We have so much to be Thankful for! :pray:

We must continue to have heart of Gratitude and always realize there is someone worse off than us.:2inlove:

In keeping with the season - lets also be thankful for our Hair. Whether short, long, healthy, unhealthy, strugglin' - it's ours and it's ours to take care of.:look:

So....What is YOUR Weekly Hair Plans Ladies?:grouphug3:

As always - Stay Safe!:kiss:


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I really want to wash my hair tonight. Missed my yesterday wash because I was busy with work.

So either tonight or Saturday I’ll:
Shampoo with innersense hydrating hair bath
Condition with briogeo curl charisma conditioner
Style with kinky curly knot today and curling custard
If I wash tonight I can use my dryer, if I wash Saturday I’ll have to diffuse.

Alta Angel

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It's re-twist time! The plan is to clarifying shampoo and then use Clairol Professionals (?) Semi-Permanent color in Mahogany Red, condition, steam, and then re-twist. I haven't used semi-permanent color since my relaxed days. My silver highlights are just blatantly out of control and I want to see if this is a viable option rather than applying henna overnight.


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My ends feel great and not dry because I trimmed off an inch or two yesterday, I will give my hair a balance of moisture/protein next wash

- Hot oil treatment, layer it with a cheapie condish
- poo 1st wash: GKhair moisturizing shampoo
- poo 2nd wash: SM coconut and hibiscus shampoo
- DC: SM honey and yogurt repair masque, leave for 30 min under heat

Leave in: SM kids coconut and hibiscus detangler spray
Cream: Olaplex #6
Oil: Olaplex #7 + Argan oil

Style: A simple bun or dry hair in a braid, air-dry in a satin scarf for 1 hr


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Gonna style hair in some large twists tomorrow and maybe try out my new wig later next week. Loved the twist out I did 2 weeks ago but the detangling was not for me.

Prepoo: Aussie Moist Conditioner + As I Am Dry and Itchy Scalp Oil
Shampoo: Mielle Rosemary Mint Shampoo
DC: TMC Peach Black Tea Mask
Leave-in: TGIN Green Tea Leave-In
Cream: As I Am Double Butter Cream
Oil: Melanin Hair Care Oil


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Wash day over, I ended up changing from my plan a bit, decided to go with protein DC Aphogee 2 min reconstructor, did 30 min under heat. Hair is moisturized and strong.

For prepoo, I did a hot oil treatment and layered it with Aussie 3 min miracle.


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I cowashed my hair yesterday with APB Honey and Murumuru, then did a WNG using APB Extreme Hydration LI & Creme Gel.
My curls are popping.

On Monday, I might wash my hair, then flat iron for the holiday. I will be at the in-laws for Thanksgiving and it’s easier to maintain straightened hair when I’m out of town.

Happy Thanksgiving/Indigenous Day and stay safe out here in these COVID streets!


My Yaya Creations chebe bundle came in the mail today! :happydance: Now I want to redo my hair from braids back to twists to test these products out. I have had the individual braids (only my hair) in for 2 weeks. I prefer twists even though the braids keeps my hair stretched more. I think it looks fuller since the twists can plump up and not as messy.

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Prepood with Tangles and Beyond, Jia Caribbean Dreamdote. Steamed it in.

Clay Wash with PJN HH Juicy Curls Honey Mint Clay wash, steamed it in

rinsed and added PJN HH Honey and Blue Malva moisture deep conditioner. Steamed it in

rinsed and added PJN HH multi use conditioner and Honey bee Moisture cream.

added PJN HH Moisturizing Curl Definer and Honey don’t be Gelous hair gel. Braided for a braid out on Monday.


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Well I just got done washing my hair

  1. Detangled with my wet brush and Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Detangling Conditioner
  2. Shampooed with Nizoral and Scalp Brush
  3. Deep Conditioned with Tree Naturals Bamboo and Lotus Water Masque (15 minutes with heat)
  4. Oiled Scalp with Neem/Sweet Almond/Rosemary Oil
  5. Styled my hair into 8 two strand twists with Kinky Curly Knot Today, Kinky Curly Curling Custard and Sweet Almond Oil


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Pre-Shampoo - Bulletproof MCT oil
Shampoo - Kinky Curly Come Clean (1st) Dr. Eddies Medicated Shampoo (2nd)
Deep Condition - Camille Rose Coconut Water Treatment
Leave in - Kinky Curly Knot Today + Camille Rose Fresh Curl
Moisturizer - Camille Rose Aloe Whipped Butter
Seal - Camille Rose Brown Butter Melt
Style in large braids


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I shampooed with Redken Cleansing Cream, then Kerastase Nutritive. I mixed up a protein concoction with some Aubrey Organics GPB, Mill Creek Botanicals Jojoba and added SAA and a dash of Aphogee (I don't mind experimenting a little on myself lol).

I followed with SSI Juicy Curls Hair Mask. I was supposed to leave it on for an hr but got lazy and kept it on overnight.

I rinsed it out in the shower and applied a little CHI Silk Infusion and Lanza Neem Plant Silk Serum. I sprayed Pantene Gold Series Thermal Protectant, before blowdrying with a paddle brush. I dusted for splits, then followed with my Babyliss Titanium flat iron on 210°C.


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Cleanse: Bekura Beauty Pu'er Mint Leaves Scalp Purifier, Bekura Beauty Fatty Coconut Cleansing Hair Froth, Redken Hair Cleansing Creme
Condition: Lador Hydro LPP Treatment :love:

Post-Wash: APB Vita Serum
Style: Twists

We will not discuss why I needed three cleansers nor how long it's been since I've done my hair :look:
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Doux Cowash
DC with Briogeo Don't Despair (I have half a use left and so mad they changed the formula)
Mielle Pomegranate Leave In
WNG with UFD Curly Magic & DE Curl Enhancing Mousse
Standing dryer for 30 mins


My Yaya Creations chebe bundle came in the mail today! :happydance: Now I want to redo my hair from braids back to twists to test these products out. I have had the individual braids (only my hair) in for 2 weeks. I prefer twists even though the braids keeps my hair stretched more. I think it looks fuller since the twists can plump up and not as messy.
Yup, will not be doing braids again because it took almost 3 hours to take them out and detangle.
I did get to use the chebe cream and butter. Both products had very nice textures, was very easy to apply with slightly damp hair, and made the detangling process very easy. The butter melted down easily and even though I probably used too much product my hair doesn't feel coated. You do not need a lot of either the cream or butter.
The only thing is I don't think I care much for scented products and the lemon scent makes me think of cleaning products. Regardless, I'm impressed.


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Plans for tomorrow:

Prepoo: hot oil treatment with DIY herbal oil for scalp, almond oil on length, layer it with Aussie total miracle conditioner on length
Shampoo: GKHair moisturizing shampoo
DC: Neutrogena triple moisture dc, 30 mins under heat

Leave in: It's a 10 leave in
Cream: Olaplex #6
Oil: Olaplex #7 + Argan oil

Style: undecided, maybe overnight braids
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SM”Red Palm Oil” poo

Q2 Naturals’s”Yucca Root” Co wash

Deep Condition-
Natures Ego”Fenugreek Hair Mask” 50min heat

Mane Krush”Ayurvedic Krisis Kontrol

Leave in-
SSI”Flaxseed” conditioner

Hazels”Black seed Cactus” hair lotion

Scalp Treatment-
Untainted Love”Flaxseed” hair spritz

Edge Treatment-
Untainted Love”Slippery Elm” salve

Untainted Love”Whipped Flaxseed/Nettle” butter

*Hair in 9 braids air drying

Happy Hair Growing!


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I did not have enough of Neutrogena triple moisture DC for my whole head so I decided to switch to Hask argan oil DC. Idk why I stopped using this DC because it made my hair super moisturized! I bought the 6 oz tubs from Walmart for 5$. I can't find the Neutrogena triple moisture DC anywhere, idk if it's discontinued :(

Another revelation I made today is that Almond oil is an amazing prepoo! I have been prepooing my hair for years by now (maybe decades even), and I never tried almond oil until today because I had some sitting around so I decided why not. When I tell you this oil has the most amazing slip, and it made my hair super soft after I shampooed it, no tangles! It's a keeper. Neither coconut, avocado, or olive oil give me these results. I keep discovering things even years down the road of my PJ ways lol I will get the big bottle to keep around.