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Nov 25 26 27 What Are Your Weekend Hair Plans?


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I had to actually complete my wash day this time before I posted lol...

Prepoo: Homemade Ayurvedic Infused Coconut oil and Siamese Twists Herbal Hair Oil
Cleanse: SM African Watermint Shampoo
DC: KJ Naturals Strawberry DC sealed with APB oil
Leave In: Siamese Twists leave in or APB Hair Lotion, butter on ends
Put in twists to dry, style in twist bun tomorrow.


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I've been dealing with scalp issues for the past few weeks. I've been washing with Neutrogena T Gel and my scalp is finally starting to get back to normal but my hair has been pretty dry. Last night after shampooing with T Gel, I towel dried and DC'd overnight with CHI Keratin Reconstructor and a few spoonfuls of EVOO. Today I rinsed throughly in the shower, towel (mircrofiber) dried and blew out with a pik attachment and CHI total defense lotion. Idk if it's the oil from my DC or the CHI leave in but my hair is almost too moisturized! It's not greasy but just a little weighed down but it's sooo soft. It took me all day between flat ironing and tending to the baby but I'm very happy I finally committed to flat ironing. Each week I wash and condition with the intention of flat ironing and it ends up in a bun:rolleyes:


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About to poo with SM Moisture Retention shampoo
DC with Loreal Total Repair Damage Erase Balm
Leave in Aphgogee Green Tea & SM Yucca and Plantain moisture milk
Oil scalp/Seal ends with Mane Choice growth oil.
Air dry in 5 big twists
Bun to work tmrw
Try to perm rod tmrw evening


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Tried the Tangle Teezer for curly hair. Like all detangling devices, it breaks hair, but it did keep most of my coils intact and no pain.

Mixed Suncoat gel with the refined babassu oil, 50/50. That oil has to be melted smooth before mixing with anything, unless one like white lumps in one's hair. Used on wet hair, stiff but soft hold, hair took ten hours to dry.


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Co wash using up almost empties
Deep: SM High Porosity Mask
Alikay Lemongrass Leave In
Design Essentials Daily Moisturizing Lotion
Design Essentials Natural Defining Creme Gel
DevaCurl Beautiful Mess gel pomade for edges

I'm evaluating stylers now and I feel the hold of the creme gel was too firm / dry for MY hair. I could try more moisturizer less gel next time.....