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Nov 5 6 7 8 9 10 What Are Your Weekly Hair Plans?


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I have the hot oil treatment on, gave my scalp a good massage. I decided to go with the Joico K pak duo today for extra doze of Protein.

today's plan:

Shampoo x2: GKHair moisturizing shampoo
Protein DC for 30 min: Joico K pak reconstructor
Moisture DC for 30 min: Joico K pak hydrator

Leave in: John Frieda Leave in spray
Cream: Olaplex #6
Oil: Olaplex #7 + Argan oil

Style: Banding hair in a ponytail, tie the edges with a scarf and airdry overnight. It's fast a requires the least effort.
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I did my hair yesterday so I based my scalp with Summit Sensitive Scalp, applied the relaxer, (had to do it in halves since total application time was 15 minutes and this is a lye relaxer) rinsed, but this one has you using this type of protein before neutralizing (pretty interesting), then I deep conditioned with Mielle Mongongo, rinsed again, air dried and fell asleep cause I was TIREDT at the end. I didn’t realize until the next day that I could have used Roux Porosity Control before I deep conditioned ugh:lol:


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Yesterday, I cowashed with APB OMG, then flat-ironed my hair. I thought I reached APL again, so I straightened my hair. Partial lies and fallacies. Only one hair was APL, lol.

I will wash with Obia shampoo bar, DC with Sweet Greens, then LCOB with Sirod Naturals LI, APB HONEY, Mimi’s Curls oil, and Shea butter concoction. Hair will be plaited in four sections and placed under a wig.

I didn’t do any of this. I’ll make my second attempt on Monday.

Bette Davis Eyes

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I found one of my Bekura Beauty Bahari water spilled in the trunk of my car so I scooped it out Saturday night and applied it to my hair like a prepoo.

Sunday, I rubbed in PJN Black Rice Water Scalp Defog, then cleansed my hair with Bekura Beauty Puer Mint & Leaves.

Conditioned with Henna Sooqs Sweet Honey Gloss bar melted and added some of SM Base Masque and another deep conditioner to use up along with Tropicgyal Naturals DIY easy conditioner.

Hair felt good so i didn't deep condition

Added PJN Honey Hydration Honey Beet Sweet Nectar and Yadain Cultural Hair Gritz to twist with.


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Applied the cactus & hibiscus mixture for 35min.

PJN”Rhassoul Clay”

Deep Conditioner-
SSI”Juicy” 45min with heat

Natures Ego”Red Onion” conditioner

Scalp Leave in treatment-
Untainted Love”Nettle Horsetail” spritz

Leave in-

Moisturizing Cream-
PJN”Rice Water Hair Cream”

Hair Butter-
Untainted Love”Whipped Butter”

Babassu Oil

*Hair in 7 braids air drying

Happy Hair Growing!


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Hmmm. Tell me about this Natires Ego Red onion conditioner @Lita

@Bette Davis Eyes Hello :happydance: I have been using this the last couple of weeks after every wash as a rinse out & what I notice, is WAY less shedding and my hair is strong,but silky yet it rinses very clean..In addition it plays well with ayurvedic treatments and of course regular conditioners..It has a lotion type consistency with a soft fragrance,no smell of onions at all..This is a keeper in my rotation.

Happy Hair Growing!


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Tonight I:
Pre-poo: Mane Choice Heavenly Halo
Shampoo: ORS Creamy Aloe/ DE Almond and Avocado
DC: SSI Hair Mayo
Leave In: SSI Moisture Mist

Will put hair into twists using The Doux C.R.E.A.M and The Doux Mousse Def. I'll let my twists dry and take them out later on in the week for a twist out.

ETA: I changed my mind on what I wanted to do.
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Pilates and Yoga Kinda Gal

Amla, fenugreek and aloe vera mask
Bekura Vanilla Whiskey DC

Finished w/
Bekura Hair Milk
A couple of drops of Vatika oil and JBCO
Yaya Creations Chebe creme