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November 2016: Hits & Misses


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Obia curl hydration spray with my honey child type 4 cream over it.
Added hits
Jakeala's Beau Vert hair oil. The perfect weight to moisturize my hair when I wear it out, SM JBCO leave in, DevaCurl Beautiful Mess gel pomade (for edges when styling wet just washed hair), SSI FIG Coriander hair balm ( smooths edges when after my hair is dry if it needs it.


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Happy Thanksgiving ladies!!! Had to write this down so I could make sure to document..

Hit: Ion After Color Sealer

I'm not sure there was ever a time that I lost so few hairs. Ever. I really, really like this. I just kept it on for the duration of my shower... It didn't feel so hot rinsing it out but after my hair was dry I think I lost maybe 30 hairs (shed/broken) between washing, conditioning, detangling and blow drying. And I'm 5 months post. If I wasn't so busy today I'd have done a happy dance.

Miss: Shea Moisture JBCO Shampoo

Nope. Nope. I realized why my hair was so soft from the Curl & Shine Shampoo. I don't think these are actually cleaning my hair because I use them in conjunction with other non-natural products. I may/may not keep the detangler since it was a keeper last time but I do not like the shampoo for my hair.


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QB AOHC. That stuff is excellent in NY 39 degree weather.

QB AOHC. This stuff is not excellent in VA 60 degree humid weather because my hair feels wet. And I washed it on Sunday. And out twists. And let it fully dry. And it was dry when I left NY. And now it feels like I dipped it in water.


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Hit - Co-wash my twists with SM Purification Masque mixed with Betonite clay, Burdock root, Nettle leaf and Triphala tea
I got a clean scalp with no root webbing and soft,springy twists. My twis-touts were super defined this week with no gel. The Amla in Triphala enhances curls.
Miss - SM Purification Masque is discontinued; I used the last jar in my stash:cry:


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SM JBCO Shampoo. @AgeinATL :notworthy: you've been telling me forever and SM poos never work, but I'll give it to you. I need to buy more. I could feel the difference in my hair. I'll need to have like 8 of these before the shampoo turns clear and SM claims they never changed the formula

LOL!! Girl, I been telling you to try it! I hate EVERY last one of SM's shampoos but this one. It cleans JUST enough to not strip the hair. If they pull the mess they did with the purification mask, there will be a situation...

So glad you like it!!!