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November 2020: Hits & Misses


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Hit sorta
Anita Grant Rhassoul conditioner cubes
I added aloe vera powder and mixed with coconut milk. My hair was super soft and curly. However detangling was difficult. I re-read instructors and I should have detangles under running water.i have 1 cube left. I'll try again next month. She's all sold out on website.


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New (to me lol) hit :
Joico moisture recovery balm :love: Melted my tangles and left my hair feeling so soft

repurposed hit : Melanin styling cream as a body cream :lachen: don’t care for it in my hair but I gotta use those 16 ounces some how:drunk:


Mo Knows Hair collection - I bought the whole collection. I really like the scalp cleanser and shampoo. That's about it so far. I hate the overpowering scent and all of the products smell that way. In the shower its nice but my hair still smells like the products even though my hair has dried. And my hair is dry like it wasn't moisturized at all.
Going to have to get my hands on some Camille Rose products to fix this.


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My first impression report - Yaya Creations Chebe creme

Took my hair down from Sunday's wash after a henna treatment. My hair was very very soft and well moisturized. This is unusual for me as I normally remoisturize my hair in between wash sessions. Go 'round, I did NOT remoisturize. I'm highly impressed.

My initial rating: a (potential) huge hit


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For that amount of money your hair better feel like silk @mzteaze Ive seen a lot of folks rave about the line though. Did you apply anything else or just the creme?

I used my Leave in conditioner (All Things O'Natural), a few drops of Vatika & JBCO then the Chebe Creme.

ETA: You use a very very small amount of this creme so I can see this jar lasting FOREVER for me. I'd recommend using a light hand with this product.

You can also DIY using her recipe. She has a video on how to make it.


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Bellebarorganics Chebe powder. I used this 3 years ago with the Mielle organics protein free conditioner. My hair felt wonderful. This time, no difference in the feel of my hair. Maybe Mielle changed the conditioner formula. Next time I'll try the powder with avocados and aloe vera juice.


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SSI Juicy Curls Leave in- I've been using this for a few weeks since it arrived but my hair has been braided up, either under a wig or wrapped in scarf. I finally took my braids down last night and my hair looked and felt wonderfully moisturised, without the build-up that a lot of products can leave on my hair and scalp. My hands also felt nice a soft after take down. Convinced me to open the hair mask and use as my moisture DC today.


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Tentative Hits:
TGIN Green Tea Leave-In (like that it's light, reminds me of the As I Am Leave-In which is good)
TMC Peach Black Tea DC (moisture for dayssssss, hair was SOFT, loved the smell of this)
As I Am Double Butter Cream (I am in loooove with the consistency of this, sinks right into my strands)
Melanin Haircare Oil (not greasy at all, makes hair shiny)

This wash day was really nice, no complaints at all. Will be trying all these products for next month to see if they are staple status.
(I am 4b-c low porosity, medium density btw.)


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Preliminary hit
Lador Hydro LPP Treatment - I cannot remember the forum member who reviewed this (and too lazy to search right now) but I bought it because of them. Just used it for the first time yesterday.
Full disclosure - my hair was in a desperate state because 2020 has not been kind to me and it was one of the first things I started neglecting :hair:
Hair was super tangled after rinsing out my cleansers and I was like shrug and just put the treatment on and threw a plastic cap over my head. Left it in for about 45 minutes. Decided to see if I could detangle my hair before I let water hit it again while deciding which miracle leave in I'd have to use afterwards to salvage what I was doing. Imagine the sheer joy I had when I could start working my tangles out without being stressed
My hair was completely detangled before I even rinsed the treatment out. Left my hair soft and balanced feeling. I'll have to see how long it holds up but it may be a reup when I restock skincare from YesStyle again.