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November 2020: Hits & Misses


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Potential miss:

Henna Sooq is canceling (and refunding) orders where the final total is under $45 bought on BF with the coupon. Final total of my order was under by like $3-4. The order isn't showing up on my account but the PayPal debit doesn't have a credit as well.


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Continued Hits (in no particular order):
Nature's Blessings (Hair Grease)
NurCreations Avocado & Green Tea Hair Deep Conditioner


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Continued Hit
Medicated Shampoos- If 2020 was good for anything it's me finally using actual Medicated Shampoos. Nizoral, T-sal, they are absolute lifesavers and I feel like such a bona fide clown for wasting 8 years of my natural hair journey listening to these hair gurus about these type of shampoos because they have sulfates. Donkey of the decade goes to me for that one.

New Hit
Detangling Before Shampooing- I have cut down on so much breakage by detangling before shampooing. All I need is a spray bottle, my wet brush and a slippery rinse out conditioner and I'm set

SSI Royal Honey and Argan Hair Mask- It's a nice very moisturizing mask able to keep my hair moisturized for days even after I do my occasional clarifying double shampoo. Plus it has a nice non-overpowering scent that doesn't linger. For $16 I get 13 oz which is great for a online Black Owned Business.
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