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November 2020 What Did You Buy This Week?


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I bought some dang hair and it wasn’t even a headband wig like I’ve been wanting. *facepalm* and some Annabelle products but I don’t even remember what I bought :nono::lol: I do remember I bought some oils, a few refreshers, and maybe some deep conditioners? Okay I lied about the deep conditioner lmao. I did buy the refresher and oils, but I also bought the honey it’s a 3 in 1 and the murumuru hair and body cream. Can we say “yessss indeedt” for multi purpose products:tongue:


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OMG leave in
Ayurvedic Hair Creme
Ayurvedic Cleansing Conditioner
Mango Berry Refresher Spray
Winter Candy Apple Body Wash
Winter Candy Apple Soap Bar
Winter Candy Apple Shower Lotion
Winter Candy Apple Body Lotion
Honey Lime Lip Scrub
Lotus Flower Wash

Camille Rose Naturals
Coconut Water Leave In

Marula Mallow Moisture Rich Milk
Apricot and Illipe Softening Milk Shake

Hot Head
Hot Head Heat Cap

Vanity Planet
Scalp Massager

Glass Mixing Bowl
Nut Milk Bag
Continuous Spray Bottle


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I bought:

- 400g of fenugreek seeds. (I plan to use these for scalp treatments, oil infusions. and in my rollersetting spritz)
- hair cutting shears. ( the ones I currently have suck, and I plan to stay on a micro trimming/dusting regimen for 2021)
- cosmetic storage bags to organize my rollers, and other hair tools and accessories

Crackers Phinn

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Tew. [email protected] Much! I don't feel as bad about spending seeing as I have been saving up for these sales for months. However, I won't be purchasing any new products for at least 6 months (hopefully in time for a Juneteenth sale) lol.

Chebe Ginger Deep Conditioner x2
SheaYurvedic Butta Shampoo
Get Up Strand Up Caribvedic Oil
Hair To The Rescue Clay CoWash
Superfro Ambunu HairGro Deep Conditioner

Purple Heart Shaped Herb Moisturizing Spray
Pink Citrus Jasmine Rice Water
Edge and Scalp Therapy Oil
Herbal Hair Grease
Golden Milk Cleansing Grains

Product Junkie Naturals
Max Moisture Deep Conditioner
Rhassoul Clay Wash
Rosemary Matcha Green Tea Deep Conditioner
Rice Water Wet Dream Deep Conditioner
Shea Avocado Deep Conditioner
Rosemary Mint African Black Soap Shampoo

Yucca Root Restorative Hair Oil x2
Yucca Root Intensive Repair Treatment
Fenugreek Hair Mask
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3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Henna Sooq:
Organic Aloe Vera powder
Organic Amla powder
Sukesh powder
I was wanting the Sukesh and Aloe vera powders. A.v. is obviously gonna be great, but do let us know how it goes with the Sukesh, whenever it is you are able to use it! I am v curious.

The choice of ingredients seem contradictory, to me, and I can't make out exactly what effect it is meant to have, with them all together, if you can use it in so many different ways that they recommend.
It seems like 'everything and the kitchen sink' to me -
guessing it is good as it has such good reviews.